Thursday, 17 August 2017

The story of my life 3: The dreamer

Have you ever heard of princes, white horse, butterflies and sunset? I was a dreamer. I liked to read stories of princesses, stay in the backyard listening to music, and imagining my enchanted prince. My imagination flew away, for real! The stories were all the same: a princess in danger saved by a handsome prince and taken by him, on a white horse, to the castle!
From this moment on, girls start to want things to happen this way. But when they “wakes up” they don’t see nothing of it!

Does this mean that we cannot dream? Not exactly; but we must know how to differentiate reality from fantasy. And that's what many girls don’t know; that’s why they suffer! Girls like me who lived in an imaginary world! I remember that I liked a guy that never noticed me. If he’d see me then I’d feel like I “won the day”. I was satisfied with so little! I had the illusion that one day it would be possible, but it never was!

Once a friend invited me for a party in her house, when I arrived, there were several friends of mine and some people who were not part of my circle of friends. But something unexpected was about to happen! I remember that a boy invited me to dance. I did not even know how to, but the was the best lol! I accepted, after all we were among friends, in a familiar environment. Then why not? I danced with him. I believe that we didn’t even have a conversation but from that day on he did not leave my head. We went home. I remember that I started talking about him with my best friend!
We had never talked before because he was not part of my circle of friends. However, I went to school with his sister, and this made things easy. I did not mention my interest for him, but his sister knew about it and told him!

At the time, his sister and I also danced folclore (a Portuguese dance) in the recreational center of my city. The rehearsals were every Saturday and for my surprise he started coming. It meant something. He was going to see me, I was the reason why he was there. I saw that he was different. He wasn’t “silly” like some boys who went to school with me. He was more serious and mature. After a few months we started dating, I still remember the place where he proposed to me. I accepted and he wrote our names in a heart, lol. You want to know who it is, don’t you? This person is Joaquim, the man I married five years later. I'll tell you later more about this later.

So now I had a boyfriend! Apparently I had everything: parents who cared and loved me, my sister, a boyfriend. I didn’t lack anything materially speaking, I went to school, went on vacation during the summer. Apparently everything was okay, but the internal conflicts were still there. There was this emptiness inside of my chest that nothing could fulfill it!

Do you feel that way too? Write in the comments how you feel! Take advantage of the Fast of Daniel. The Holy Spirit is the only one who can fulfill this void. There is not a thing or a person that has this capacity, only Him. When you receive the Holy Spirit, you will never again feel that emptiness inside your chest!

However, when I turned 16 years old, we had a news that wasn’t good; but I'll tell you in the next post! 

Photo: Joaquim and I 


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