Tuesday, 17 March 2015

What does it mean to be honored by God?

"If anyone serves me, the Father will honour him." 
John 12.26

The text is very clear when it says that those who will be honored by God are those who serve Jesus, not themselves nor man. 

Many people think that being honored by God is being sent to a bigger church, taking on a lot of responsibilities or having a position as a leader.

Being honored by God, however, is way above all of these things, that may no even permanent in your life. Imagine that you take care of a group in your church, and a couple years later, it is decided that this responsibility should be given to someone else, so does that mean you were dishonored by God, the honor you received one day, has been taken away. Is that it?

No, the honor of God is related His people, just like it was with Jesus it is with us. We know we are being honored by God when we see what what say happening, people being converted, accepting Jesus, being baptized with the Holy Spirit, changing the course of their lives. This is the honor of those who serve God.

Following this reasoning, we can see that those who serve themselves, that work with the intention of being acknowledged and applauded, thinking of gaining something or conquering something for their personal life, are excluded from this word and their honor does not come from God.

And you, what did you think being honored by God was?


Estella Arroyo said...

Well for me, what I thought before about honoring God is on the things we do, we do better, we take and do our responsibility and do our best. But now I realise I didn't honor God, but myself and man, this is a really a eye opener for me, thank you!

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