Sunday, 28 May 2017

The art of Silence

Silence is a vivifying moment of grace, in which the creature is silent, but the spirit speaks.
To be silent about yourself IS HUMILITY.
To be silent over the faults of others IS CHARITY.
To be silent when we're suffering IS HEROISM.
To be silent before someone else’s suffering is COWARDY.
To be silent before injustice IS WEAKNESS.
To be silent when someone is talking IS DELICACY.
To be silent when someone expects a word, IS OMISSION.
To be silent and not speak useless words IS PENANCE.
To be silent when there's no need to talk, IS PRUDENCE.
To be silent when God speaks to our heart is SILENCE.
To be silent before the mystery that we don’t understand IS WISDOM.

We need to know the hours we have to keep silent, and the moments we need to talk. Talking is silver and being silent is Gold...

Unknown author

“Therefore, my beloved brothers, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger.” James 1:19

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

I cannot make friends!

Many people find it difficult to make friends; others seem to push other people away by their way of being or acting. See if you have some of the features below that may cause others not to be your friends.
1.     Shyness - If you have difficulty approaching people, and talking to them, then it is difficult to make friends.

2.     Selfishness - A person who thinks only of herself; only wants to receive and never gives, can never be a good friend.

3.     Criticize - To criticizing everything your friends do is very unpleasant, be understanding and do not judge.

4.     Inattentive - When your friends need you most you are never there to help, in reality you just want to share the good times and never make yourself present in difficult times.

5.     Implication - Always making nasty comments that hurt and is out of place.

6.     Annoying - Never agrees with anything, it not cheerful, on the contrary she is always against everything.

7.     Not open to new friends - you just want to have one friend; you close yourself to new friends, and do not let people approach you.

8.     You are very suspicious - maybe because you had a bad experience in the past now you don’t trust anyone, you don’t think any person will offer you a sincere friendship. You simply think that they will use you and then make you suffer.

9.     Indiscretion – By being indiscreet you are not trustworthy, so people do not want to be your friends.

10.  Bad Mood - no one takes pleasure in being around a person who is always grumpy. It is very unpleasant to live with someone who always has a long face and never smiles. Be careful because this kind of behavior drives people away from you.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

I don’t bow down my head to anyone!

As incredibly as it may seem, these words came out of the mouth of a girl who says she wants to do the work of God on the Altar. After receiving guidance on a particular activity that was to be held, and seeing that it would go against her plans that day, she simply said that she would not do it because she does not bow down her head to anyone.
So I decided to write this post. If there is someone else out there that has this kind of thought, let me tell you that you are not prepared to serve God on the altar, not even in the atrium. A servant of God is aware that the will of God and His direction must be followed; and we can never place our will in front of His.
The Lord Jesus Himself made this very clear in His Word: “For I came down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.” John 6:38
If for any reason you think that you will not have to submit to anyone, that your desire will prevail, and you will not respect the authorities established by God; know that you will not succeed in God's work or anywhere. As we all know we are not absolute, life does not revolve around ourselves. Since children we have to subject ourselves to our parents, teachers, security officers, etc.
If we are not willing to do so we show that we are rebels, we do not respect anyone, and the only thing that matters is to accomplish our will. This reveals a lack of fear, and when there is not fear there is not new birth.
I have written several times about this: the work on the Altar demands total renounce, we do not choose where to live, with whom to live, we cannot make plans and if we do we must be aware that they can change because of the work of God. We have people above us, responsible for us, and we owe them respect.
Whoever thinks that she/he can do what they want and decide their own life has not yet understood what it is to serve God and submit to Him.
If you want to do your will and are not willing to bow down your head to anyone, know that you will face many problems along the way, because in this life we ​​need to be humble to move on and create a relationship with other people.
Think about it my friends, so that you do not suffer later!

Monday, 8 May 2017


We all go through sad moments. Sometimes it is a personal problem, sometimes it’s because we feel someone else's problem. Struggles, hardships and tribulations we all experience. What cannot happen is that we allow sadness to be above our faith and trust in God.
How many people who were eager in faith, when they experienced a problem became discouraged in such a way that they gave up God? The sadness managed to overshadow their faith and God who was everything in their life, now represents nothing.
If people are angry or disappointed, they blame God for their problems and don’t want to seek Him anymore.
This shows that the love from these people to God was conditioned by circumstances. When everything went well she loved Him, she sought Him, she was glad to go to church, but now with what happened she turned her back completely. Sometimes even inside the church she is far from the Lord; there is anger against Him.
Be careful my friends! We cannot fall into the error of being selfish. God will always be God and we His servants. Our dedication to Him and our fear must stay the same in good and bad moments. From this also depends our salvation!
In sorrow David sought God: “My soul collapses on account of grief; strengthen me according to Your word.” Psalm 119:28
What about you, my friend? Have you ever let sadness drive you away from the presence of God? Share this experience with us!

Friday, 5 May 2017

Which of the 3 are you guided by?

Have you ever stopped to think about by whom have you been guided? We always ask God to guide us, but do we allow the Holy Spirit to take control of our lives? These are questions that should not be left unanswered. Let's then analyze by who you have been guided:
·      By the Spirit of God
·      By your heart (your feelings)
·      By your flesh (your sinful will)
Those who submit to the Holy Spirit and allow themselves to be guided by Him, are certainly the ones who get it right because they never place their will or feelings above the purposes of God.
They recognize that God is prepared to guide them and does not need any help, after all He is God. These people are subjected to the word of God because they are aware that whoever obeys and lives within biblical standards is protected and safe. So:
·      They deny their flesh
·      They do what is right and not what they feel like doing
·      They obey God, even if His will is not in accordance with their will
·      They are aware that God knows the best way so He can guide them
·      Those guided by the Spirit remain within the plans of God
Now those who let themselves be guided by their heart always suffer, make wrong decisions and make mistakes constantly. They are deceived since the Bible says that our heart is extremely corrupt, who will know it? We don’t even know it!
Sentimental and emotional people do not usually use reason. Since everything is based on what they feel, their decisions, choices and attitudes are guided by their greatest enemy; the one she/he insists to obey and that has only caused her sorrows: her heart. They’re the ones that:
·      Play the victims
·      Stay with someone because they fall in love but do not see that she/he does not suit them
·      Solve their problems crying or screaming
·      Speak without thinking about the consequences of their words
·      Get hurt easily
·      If they feel like going to church or reading the Bible, they do it; if not they won’t do it
·      Make choices for what they feel and not for their intelligent faith
Finally, we have those who are guided by the flesh. Everything they feel like doing, they do it; even if it costs them dearly and risks their salvation.
It doesn’t matter what comes next. What matters is to satisfy their desires now. The flesh always speaks louder; she/he prefers to be carried away than to control their fleshly desires. This way sin has dominion over them.
To be guided by the flesh means to say yes to all your desires, although you know that the consequences will come, and you’ll be subjected to all of them.
·      They follow their uncontrolled desires, and live according to the needs of the flesh
·      The important thing is to satisfy the flesh, they want to please themselves
·      What the flesh asks for they give without thinking twice
·      They desire the pleasures of the world and do not fight to overcome them.
Let us not allow the heart or the desires of the flesh blind our understanding. This would be like signing our death certificate. I leave you this word to meditate:
“To be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace, for the carnal mind is hostile toward God, for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can it be, and those who are in the flesh cannot please God.” Romans 8: 6-8

Monday, 1 May 2017

Many ways of lying

Who never said anything improper or out of place? We all did at least once. This can even be revealed, but to lie is considered a sin before God.
It’s very important to be careful with our tongue. We cannot forget that from our mouth can come out words of life to edify, just like words of death to destruction.
Today I will speak about lie. What many people don’t know is that there are many ways to lie. Let’s see:
Deceive – Many people deceive others for many reasons. Be it for greed, convenience, to hide something improper, or to gain benefits. This brings terrible consequences and shows that we don’t trust in God in the moment of managing the situation.
Half-truths – Which are the same as half-lies, means to not say the truth completely. In other words, to hide or to omit something, not to say things as they really are. This happens a lot when someone wants to apologize for something, and makes believe facts that did not happen exactly the ways she’s saying.
Exaggerate – Many times people try to make a story beautiful to get more attention from the listeners. To exaggerate seems inoffensive but it’s a way of lying. The person decorates the truth to make it seem more credible, however she loses her credibility because she exaggerates and increases it, changing the real facts.
“Lying lips are abomination to the Lord, but those who deal truly are His delight.” Proverbs 12:22
How about you? Have you ever seen yourself in a situation that you used deceive, half-truths, or exaggeration?

Monday, 24 April 2017

The problem of being sentimental

Anyone who wants to be strong cannot, in any way, be guided by feelings. Living by emotions makes us weak, impulsive, and vulnerable women. If you want to be strong, you need to understand only one thing: learn not to listen to feelings:
·      When someone argues with you;
·      When someone does something to harm you;
·      When someone commits an injustice against you;
·      When someone tells you that you are not capable;
·      When someone mistreats you or tries to put you down.
The person who is always in the “sentimental” state usually gets hurts for anything. She always takes things personal, explodes easily, gets sad and speaks hastily. Letting the heart rule only brings bad things to our lives, as we can see. The same thing happens in relation to the spiritual life. Trying to communicate with God through emotions is the reason why most people have an unhappy life.
In the book of Bishop Macedo “Fast of Daniel”, he teaches that when one walks by the feelings originated from the heart he/she will never hear the voice of God; because He does not speak to the human heart but to our understanding.
Many times I prayed, “God speak to my heart.” Observe that God doesn’t work with feelings but with reason; that is intelligent faith. If you really want to be a strong woman, put your head above your heart. Do not listen to your feelings; they are deceitful.
“For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, sexual immorality, thefts, false witness, and blasphemies.” Matthew 15:19
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