Monday, 26 June 2017

A shepherd or a hired hand?

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep. But he who is a hired hand, and not a shepherd, who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming, and leaves the sheep, and runs away. So the wolf catches the sheep and scatters them.” John 10: 11-12
The Lord Jesus compares himself to the good shepherd who gives His life to rescue his sheep. He guards them, feeds them, guides and protects them against predators.
On the other hand, if there are good pastors it is because there are also the bad ones. These are the wage earners, who work only for money but not for the love of souls.
The servants who don’t have true love for souls don’t care about the stage of their sheep. Those who perform the work of God to receive a salary, or thinking of their own life and well-being for sure are not willing to make any sacrifice for the people who need their help and direction.
These are those who don’t pray for the people, are not interested in knowing the suffering of the people; they will not wake up in the middle of the night to pray for the afflicted, much less sacrifice their day off if needed. They just meet their schedules and live their lives normally without even thinking about those who are spiritually dependent on them. And when the “wolf” comes, they are the first to flee and leave behind the herd that is unprotected and exposed to all dangers.
As the Word of God describes them, these are the hired hand who are not shepherds.
There is a difference between working for a profit and to working for love. He who truly loves souls gives himself for them, in prayer, fasting, vigils, counseling, visits, and all that he can do for the afflicted. This is the good shepherd, who cares about the well-being of his sheep; and even when he is not near them, his thoughts and prayers go along them, because he is aware that the sheep depends on his shepherd.
Meditate on how your service has been in the work of God!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Example of Servant - He was meek and peaceful

When the centurion who stood facing Him saw that He cried out and gave up the spirit, he said, “Truly, this Man was the Son of God.” Mark 15:39
Our example of Servant had good testimony even in the most difficult and agonizing hour of his earthly existence. The centurion, who was the leader of the Roman military service, watched the suffering of the Lord Jesus until His death. He was impressed with how the Messiah endured all the pain and suffering. Through His meek and peaceful conduct, the Lord Jesus won souls even at the hour of death. Even the centurion being a pagan man, acknowledged that He was truly the Son of God.
 This teaches us that just as the centurion confessed that the Lord Jesus is the Son of God because of His behavior before all that He had suffered, the people around us must witnesses our good behavior so that, although they do not manifest faith in God, they will acknowledge Him in our lives. It is easy to be gentle, loving, patient and polite when things are going well; there is no difficulty in that. 
However, many are those who embarrass the Lord when things do not favor them: when the situation is difficult or simply when they are contradicted. At such times, they become aggressive, coarse, slanderous and nervous, demonstrating an opposite behavior to what they have professed. They are gentle and peaceful if all is the way it pleases them, when they do not suffer injustice or feel offended. Otherwise that meekness disappears instantly.
Now think of your reaction when someone pisses you off, hits your nerve, is unfair and mean to you, disagrees with you, and so on. Let us look at our reactions to each situation we live in, for they show us what is really within us. Being meek when everything is to our liking is very easy, it is difficult to remain calm in the face of the tribulations and injustices of life. 
This is what Jesus did, that is why He is admirable!

Monday, 5 June 2017

Faith vs Works

We will be saved by our faith in Jesus and not by the amount of good works. However, a faith without works is not real. If I say that I have faith but I do not materialize it or I do not have the courage to act it, what profit will there be? None! It would be like having a heart and it doesn’t work; it's inside of me, but it doesn’t give me life.
Without the use of faith the person is full of problems and his/her life is destroyed. I am not referring only to physical accomplishments, but it takes faith even to conquer Salvation. It is no use to have faith and not make use of it to leave sin, traditions and religion; and obey the Word.
Genuine and supernatural faith, given by God Himself, drives us to act and not cross our arms. It shows us that there are no barriers that we cannot overcome, even if the circumstances show otherwise.
We cannot show our faith with words. Through the transformation of our lives it is possible to put it into evidence, even without speaking.
Of course, this faith comes through obedience to the Word of God. No one who lives in disobedience possesses the supernatural faith. It is the power of the Holy Spirit within each one of us and the only one that has the power to change our lives, starting with our interior.
So faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead.” (James 2:17).

Sunday, 28 May 2017

The art of Silence

Silence is a vivifying moment of grace, in which the creature is silent, but the spirit speaks.
To be silent about yourself IS HUMILITY.
To be silent over the faults of others IS CHARITY.
To be silent when we're suffering IS HEROISM.
To be silent before someone else’s suffering is COWARDY.
To be silent before injustice IS WEAKNESS.
To be silent when someone is talking IS DELICACY.
To be silent when someone expects a word, IS OMISSION.
To be silent and not speak useless words IS PENANCE.
To be silent when there's no need to talk, IS PRUDENCE.
To be silent when God speaks to our heart is SILENCE.
To be silent before the mystery that we don’t understand IS WISDOM.

We need to know the hours we have to keep silent, and the moments we need to talk. Talking is silver and being silent is Gold...

Unknown author

“Therefore, my beloved brothers, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger.” James 1:19

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

I cannot make friends!

Many people find it difficult to make friends; others seem to push other people away by their way of being or acting. See if you have some of the features below that may cause others not to be your friends.
1.     Shyness - If you have difficulty approaching people, and talking to them, then it is difficult to make friends.

2.     Selfishness - A person who thinks only of herself; only wants to receive and never gives, can never be a good friend.

3.     Criticize - To criticizing everything your friends do is very unpleasant, be understanding and do not judge.

4.     Inattentive - When your friends need you most you are never there to help, in reality you just want to share the good times and never make yourself present in difficult times.

5.     Implication - Always making nasty comments that hurt and is out of place.

6.     Annoying - Never agrees with anything, it not cheerful, on the contrary she is always against everything.

7.     Not open to new friends - you just want to have one friend; you close yourself to new friends, and do not let people approach you.

8.     You are very suspicious - maybe because you had a bad experience in the past now you don’t trust anyone, you don’t think any person will offer you a sincere friendship. You simply think that they will use you and then make you suffer.

9.     Indiscretion – By being indiscreet you are not trustworthy, so people do not want to be your friends.

10.  Bad Mood - no one takes pleasure in being around a person who is always grumpy. It is very unpleasant to live with someone who always has a long face and never smiles. Be careful because this kind of behavior drives people away from you.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

I don’t bow down my head to anyone!

As incredibly as it may seem, these words came out of the mouth of a girl who says she wants to do the work of God on the Altar. After receiving guidance on a particular activity that was to be held, and seeing that it would go against her plans that day, she simply said that she would not do it because she does not bow down her head to anyone.
So I decided to write this post. If there is someone else out there that has this kind of thought, let me tell you that you are not prepared to serve God on the altar, not even in the atrium. A servant of God is aware that the will of God and His direction must be followed; and we can never place our will in front of His.
The Lord Jesus Himself made this very clear in His Word: “For I came down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.” John 6:38
If for any reason you think that you will not have to submit to anyone, that your desire will prevail, and you will not respect the authorities established by God; know that you will not succeed in God's work or anywhere. As we all know we are not absolute, life does not revolve around ourselves. Since children we have to subject ourselves to our parents, teachers, security officers, etc.
If we are not willing to do so we show that we are rebels, we do not respect anyone, and the only thing that matters is to accomplish our will. This reveals a lack of fear, and when there is not fear there is not new birth.
I have written several times about this: the work on the Altar demands total renounce, we do not choose where to live, with whom to live, we cannot make plans and if we do we must be aware that they can change because of the work of God. We have people above us, responsible for us, and we owe them respect.
Whoever thinks that she/he can do what they want and decide their own life has not yet understood what it is to serve God and submit to Him.
If you want to do your will and are not willing to bow down your head to anyone, know that you will face many problems along the way, because in this life we ​​need to be humble to move on and create a relationship with other people.
Think about it my friends, so that you do not suffer later!

Monday, 8 May 2017


We all go through sad moments. Sometimes it is a personal problem, sometimes it’s because we feel someone else's problem. Struggles, hardships and tribulations we all experience. What cannot happen is that we allow sadness to be above our faith and trust in God.
How many people who were eager in faith, when they experienced a problem became discouraged in such a way that they gave up God? The sadness managed to overshadow their faith and God who was everything in their life, now represents nothing.
If people are angry or disappointed, they blame God for their problems and don’t want to seek Him anymore.
This shows that the love from these people to God was conditioned by circumstances. When everything went well she loved Him, she sought Him, she was glad to go to church, but now with what happened she turned her back completely. Sometimes even inside the church she is far from the Lord; there is anger against Him.
Be careful my friends! We cannot fall into the error of being selfish. God will always be God and we His servants. Our dedication to Him and our fear must stay the same in good and bad moments. From this also depends our salvation!
In sorrow David sought God: “My soul collapses on account of grief; strengthen me according to Your word.” Psalm 119:28
What about you, my friend? Have you ever let sadness drive you away from the presence of God? Share this experience with us!
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