Monday, 26 September 2016

Third important step

Hi friends, how are you doing? To continue to talk about the important steps for our spiritual life, today I will talk about something that I believe many have even forgotten about: To fast. You know girls, fasting is a powerful tool against hell and when we fast, we get spiritually strengthened and the devil loses his power against us. Have you realized that fasting is everyday being forgotten among Christians? And do you know why this has been happening? Because the devil has been occupying our minds with a thousand things that to fast ends up becoming something for tomorrow.

I remember that when I was lifted as an assistant, every Wednesday, Friday (later changed to Tuesday, the deliverance service) and Sunday were the days that I would fast for the Church. I wanted to consecrate myself, to be in the spirit with God in order to be used by Him to set the people free (and I still fast for the people). And the more I would fast, the stronger I would become. I've noticed that when we fast we are more willing to do things for God. For example, to read the Bible, to go to church, to evangelize, to read blogs and to learn more about God begins to draw our attention and we start to care less about the things of the world. Note that the Bible is full of examples of men and women of God who fasted. Moses, Elijah, Hannah, Esther, and many others fasted. The greatest example is the Lord Jesus who fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. He also teaches us to fast in Matthew 6:16 and Matthew 17:21, He tells us that there are demons that come out only by fasting and praying.

And how should I fast? When? How many hours? Friends, fasting is a period of time where we abstain from food and drink to be in spirit, in communion with God. During this period, we cannot be on the Internet, reading magazines, but we fill ourselves with the things of God. Of course, if you are working or in school, there is no way to read the Bible, but your thoughts can be in sync with God, talking to Him. And you can do the day you want. Below I will give you a few ideas of fasting I have done and how I usually do, okay?

1 – Food  and beverage Fast: We stay  a few hours of the day without eating. But I  always take a little water to not dehydrate myself.  An important tip: If you don't feel good and feel like your blood pressure is dropping because it has been too many hours without eating then close your fasting with a prayer and eat. We have to be smart and balanced, each one of us  know  our own body and we know how long we can fast for, especially you that is going through a medical treatment or taking any medicine, please be wise, ok?
How many hours can we fast for? Well, you can do from midnight to noon, or 12 hours. You can do from 6am to 6pm. You can do on Fridays from 9am to 3pm (the time Jesus was on the cross and overcame the devil). You can do 24 hours. Or you can do fewer hours too. Always ask for God’s guidance and go on your  faith. My husband has done three days of fasting drinking water only, it was his faith and God always honors our faith.
2 - Fasting of vegetables. Daniel 1. Daniel decided not to defile himself with the king's meat and asked to eat only vegetables and water. We can also do this kind of fast,  to eat only vegetables and drink water for a certain period of time.
3 - Fasting of bread and water. Not  bread with butter or cream cheese, lol just plain bread!
4 - Fast of Daniel – To stay away from media and the worldly things. (I would still do it along with food fast).

Any kind of fast is a powerful weapon against the devil, let's take that weapon and use it against him because he  wants to push us away from our Lord. I would like to propose something to you: What about this week you do this test with God? Make a fast on Wednesday, asking to receive the baptism with The Holy Spirit or to be renewed; another on Thursday for your love life; one on Friday to tie up the devil and all of his traps against you and one on Sunday to start a blessed week with our Lord. Or choose the days yourself, according to your needs and next week, come back and tell us about your experience, okay? I am also in the same  faith, for each of you, deal?  Who's coming with me?
 A big kiss to you friends and God bless you and give you strength to continue in this  faith. Kisses.
Juliana Furucho

Translated by: Tatia Oliveira

Friday, 16 September 2016

Second important step

Hey girls, how are you? Caring for our spiritual life should be at the top of our list, that's why we will be talking about these steps so important that Jesus taught us.

The second step is: to read the Bible. I know many will say they do not understand, there is no time to read it or they don't like to read, etc. Let me tell you something friends, to read the Bible goes far beyond just reading letters, reading the Bible is to hear the beautiful voice of our God; It is to travel in the teachings; It is to talk to our Lord! What do you mean Ju? I will show you today how I read the Bible. First, I read the Bible at a time when I am in silence, preferably alone (but if I have a moment where I'll be waiting for something I can read for example if I am in the waiting room at the dentist, or when I'm in church, before the meeting I also take time to read #thereisthetip); I say a prayer asking God to speak to me, to give me ears to hear and wisdom to understand His will; I read carefully every word, I pay attention to every detail and punctuation and I try to imagine myself at that time. I use my imagination to get an idea of ​​what is being said there in what I'm reading, even when I read about heaven, I imagine how beautiful, perfect, pure and great it is. I imagine the throne of God and enjoy every detail that the Bible gives us to support my imagination. To read calmly and attentively is essential for us to understand, and for us to have an interest to read it, to have this thirst to know God's will is what will move our Savior to reveal to us His Word. Girls, how wonderful it is! How glorious, what a privilege it is to know that our mighty God wants to talk to us.

I usually say that when we pray, we talk to God, and when we read the Bible, He answers our prayers. It is a conversation with him. And what he wants most is to be able to have this intimacy with us, to be able to speak through His word and we have the spiritual ears to understand Him. And the more we read, we feel stronger, we understand the will of God, we are molded according to His will and we will be more like our God. Of course the devil does everything to steal our time to read the Bible. He brings distractions, laziness and brings up excuses that you don't like to read everything is a stumbling block for those who do not prioritize or not yet understand the importance of reading the Bible. And even if you don't like to read, make an effort to read it anyway, because now you know how important it is to read the Bible and to maintain your relationship with God. It is not enough to just pray, pray and pray... In other words, just talk, talk and talk... in a relationship there has to be communication: you talk and you listen too. God is like that: we pray and He answers us through His word.

Let's take care of our spiritual life friends. Separate a moment of your day to read and meditate on God's word. It is not to read a lot, but meditate a lot. Seek to understand what God wants to to talk to you; It is to preserve what He told you; It is to practice what you have learned. This is to maintain your relationship with God.

So Step 1: Pray. Step 2: read the Bible. And what will be the 3rd step? Next week I'll tell lol. And please leave here your comments about these steps, if they are helping you. Your comments blesses me too. ;)

A big kiss to all and until next week. God bless you.
Juliana Furucho
Translated by: Tatia Oliveira

Friday, 9 September 2016

3 Very Important Steps

Recently I was talking to my husband about some things I learned as a child, my parents taught me when I was still very young and I would like to share them with you today.

One of the things I learned at a very young age is to pray. I know that all of you might say, "Oh come on, we all know how to pray." But I'm not talking about praying just for praying, but to talk to God. I learned that when we pray we should empty our minds of anything else and elevate our thoughts to God. I usually imagine myself before the throne of my Lord, talking with him making sure that he's there, listening. I don’t mean repetitive words, but I mean to say what is within me, with all honesty, because God knows me much better than I know myself. Prayer is to talk with your best friend, it is that time where you are who you are; it is the time where we unburden everything on God.  We cry, we smile, we are thankful, we unload our concerns on God; We ask in someone’s favor; we praise Him and seek the Holy Spirit… this is the prayer that pleases God when it comes out of our mouths with all sincerity.

The habit of praying  makes us stronger people because the more we fill our thoughts with the things of God, the more we talk to God, the more intimacy we have with Him. It is not so with our relationships? The more we talk to our friends, the closer we become  and we even learn their own ways, gestures and their personalities... In our love life is the same way: the more we talk to our husbands, the more intimate we become… Everyone knows that a  marriage without communication is a marriage doomed to failure. Likewise is our relationship with God, without communication (prayer) there is no other way to sustain it...

Have you realized that the devil has been doing everything to create many distractions, many entertainment to fill every second of our lives to the point of not having time to pray? And that's where we should watch. We have to prioritize the things of God and not let anything interfere with our time to invest in the things of our Lord. Of course we will always have many things to do everyday, but it is up to us to put everything in their place. When we truly love Jesus, we have the pleasure to talk to Him, we have the pleasure to be there at that moment in tune with Him because He is first in our lives, our true love, The most important… So it is not difficult to prioritize Him. But if the person puts everything and everyone else before Jesus, how does she wants Him to answer her prayers if the time she spends with Jesus is not quality? Is it fair?

No friends, so invest in your relationship with God, create the habit of talking to Him. When you first wake up, thank Him; before you eat, thank Him; before you make any decisions, ask God’s guidance; before you leave home, ask for His protection. Depend on God for everything and you will see that your prayers will be answered... Let's pray more and complain less!

Next week I will write about the second step.

A big kiss to you and until next week. God bless you.
Juliana Furucho
Translated by: Tatia Oliveira

Friday, 2 September 2016

Practical examples

Hello ladies, how are you doing? Today I would like to continue to talk about last week’s subject, which was good eyes.

I know this topic is very important for our spiritual life and I would like to help you with practical examples on how we can have good eyes with situations we experience daily.

For example, the pastor of your church, or his wife, walked by you and did not say hi, right away the devil suggests: "Do you see how the  pastor/ his wife was rude, he/ she did not even speak to you.” But if you decide to have good eyes, you will reject this evil thought by thinking like this, maybe his mind was elsewhere and he did not even notice me there. Another situation: You see two people talking and distractedly looked at you, then comes the thought: "Look, they are gossiping about you..." But you seeing the devil's strategy, you decide to ignore this thought and just say hi to them. There is another situation where your friend or acquaintance has been chosen to have a certain responsibility, then the voice comes again: "You are worthless, she was chosen because she is better than you." But you decide to rebuke that thought and  decide to think well of your friend and feel happy for her, knowing that when it is God’s will, your time will come, after all, we serve Jesus and it is He who decides how and when we serve Him. It can also happen that  an assistant might walk by you with a serious face, then comes the thought: "She thinks that she is all that, nosy, she thinks she is the best assistant in the Church, and it seems to me that she is trying to please the pastor, she is doing everything just to call his attention. "But that thought is harmful, it does no good to you. So what do you do? You tie up that thought  and determine to think well of her, even pray for her, maybe she is serious because she  is praying in the spirit.  We must be watchful always,  because if not, we can sin thinking badly of someone who is pleasing God and we don’t know.

Now I would like to talk about the good eyes towards yourself. For example: Your friend is dating and you are not, then comes the thought: "She is more beautiful than you, she is more intelligent, more spiritual and therefore you can not and will not even get anyone." But knowing that this is the devil’s trap, you decide to think well of yourself, you decide to have faith, believing that God has the best prepared for you and on the right time He will give you the blessing. Or, something happened and the first thought is: "I am very stupid, look at what I did" "I am very slow." "I'm too ugly, no one will ever like me" "I deserve this little life I have” “I will never receive the Holy Spirit because everything is wrong with me.” And the list goes on…

Friends, I could write about many more examples, but not to extend too much, I leave you with the ones above. Do not let the bad eyes control you, "But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness." (Matthew 6:22)
 See that when we have good eyes, everything is more beautiful, more pleasant, our life becomes lighter, we have peace and God can shine in our lives. I know we're not perfect, but we should thrive to be better every day for Jesus. This desire to be better combined with the effort to improve is what pleases God. There is  a small detail: everything we sow, we reap, so let’s sow  what is good; that from our mouths may only come out words of life; the sincere smile stamped on our faces and our thoughts full of the things from above. This way our life will spread the scent of our Lord.

A big kiss to you and until next week.

Juliana Furucho

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Good eyes

Hey girls, how are you? It has been a while that I have been meditating on the good eyes and how important it is in order to maintain our relationship with God.

But let's see, what does to have good eyes mean? To my point of view, to have good eyes is to look on the bright side of everything. Is to choose to look at what is good rather than at what is bad. I know the world around us, and wherever we go, there are more bad things than good, as the Bible says: "The whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one" ( 1 John 5:19), but there are good things too. To have good eyes is a decision I made. I decide to look at what is good. I decide to think about what is good. I decide to act well. You may ask me: "But Ju, what about the people that do me wrong? And the bad people? How do I look at them with good eyes? "Well, if that person is an unbeliever, then you know that he may be used by the devil to sadden or upset you, so you pray for that person, tie up the devil and have mercy on that soul. But what if this person goes to the Church too? Pray for her, tie up the devil, who is behind causing all of this and have mercy on this person’s soul. Remember David? How many opportunities he had to kill King Saul but he did not because he feared God? By having good eyes? He chose to continue seeing King Saul as God's anointed. Saul had lost the presence of God, but David chose to have good eyes towards him. Now I ask you: Who came out winning? David!

When we have good eyes, we benefit from it. For example, when we start looking at everything with malice, bad eyes, we criticize everything, when we always find mistakes in everyone else, , we get very busy controlling and observing other people's mistakes and we have no time to better ourselves. Moreover, we carry that weight with us, our conscience accuses us, because the Holy Spirit warns us of that mistake... but if we ignore it, that weight increases and we feel burdened and full of bitterness within us. Yes, bitterness because we begin to want justice, and in many cases, many people end up wanting to do justice with their own hands, isn't it so? Now I ask you: How many times have you made a wrong judgment? You thought that a certain person was nosy, annoying, but after you got to know her, you saw that it was totally the opposite? Now imagine how many times we were wrong in a pre judgment and we kept looking with bad eyes simply because we have not had the opportunity to see the other side?

 So friends, my advice to you today is: decide today to have good eyes. But pay a very close  attention, it doesn't mean that you will be negligent and keep a sin hidden or if you saw something wrong, you said nothing... Thewrong is always wrong, that’s why we need the discernment of the Holy Spirit to guide us. I can have good eyes towards my parents, and seek to understand them. I can have good eyes towards  my friend, I can have good eyes before the situations I face and be sure that God will bless; I can have good eyes towards everything the Holy Spirit shows me is right. If we have good eyes, our whole body will be full of light,, but if we have bad eyes, we will suffer the consequences.

Friends, on what have you had bad eyes? Against the Church? Against the pastors? Against your friends? Against  your parents? Decide today to change and start doing what is right and pleasing to God, okay?
A big kiss and may Jesus give you wisdom and discernment to live according to His holy will. Until next week.
Juliana Furucho
Translated by: Tatia Oliveira

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Who controls your day?

Hello ladies, how are you? Has anybody ever given you a bad answer? Has anyone ever treated you badly? Have you been through a bad situation? If so, what was your reaction?

I have realized that the complaints, the murmurings, the sadness and the discouragement have been part of people's daily lives. Each day the intolerance increases, the lack of patience with others, and as a result, the fights and evil have grown. People are more irritable, they get into fights and into disagreements with everything and everyone and you know what is the problem with that? It is that love is growing cold, faith stands aside and the positive word that cheers you up, is somewhere hidden and forgotten. Today people let their surroundings tell how their day will be. Read this verse with me: "These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

Jesus never told us that we would live in a bed of roses, but made it clear that we would rather go through afflictions, but we should not give up, to be of good cheer. Do you know what the word cheer mean?  According to the dictionary it means: Motivate, encourage, to raise someone’s spirit, optimism or give comfort...  State of mind; light-heartedness. Let's see with phrases what it means: "… Be of good spirit" "Have a good mood" "Have courage." And so on. In the face of tribulations and disappointments during the day, we must act different from people who do not have Jesus. I always believed that getting upset because of others is a waste of time. I can't allow anyone to interfere with my mood. If a person is upset with something and explodes on me, I have to be patient and understand her, instead of letting the bitterness affect me, on the contrary, I will contaminate her with my good mood, my positive spirit. I know that sometimes it is inevitable to get upset with something, but it should not last the whole day. We have to take a deep breath, tie up the devil and put a smile on our face and move on and not embitter the lives of others who are not guilty of anything. For sure this attitude will irritate the devil lol because he is the one who wants to see us worried and upset.

Faith is what makes us believe that with Jesus, everything will work out for the better, because He has overcome the world, didn't He? So, why allow the worry, the sadness, the fear, and nonsense dictate your life and your day? Why give space to bad feelings instead of keeping the positivity and joy? To focus on the good, to keep a positive mind, to ignore the bitterness of others and to avoid getting upset with small things, will make us nicer people and it will be great for our sake. I try to live like this: if someone disappointed with his own life treats me badly on the market or wherever  (we have to understand that people without Jesus live tormented by the devil) or give me a bad answer, I try to smile back and not respond in the same way, but I respond politely and cordiality, to break the distressed cycle at that instant. If I got off at a wrong street, I just get out at the next exit and turn around. If I  forgot something at home, I simply go back and get what I forgot. Why bother with things so small and mess up my day? If I get upset, is it going to change anything? Will it help me get at the destination faster? No! Then, why get upset? For that reason, every day in the morning I get up thanking God for that day and I ask Him to guide me on everything. If I made this  prayer, I have to believe that God is in control and will be with me in every step I take.

 Friends, let us be of good cheer, of positive spirit. You are the owner of your own life and only you can decide how your day will be.  Always decide to be cordial, to be polite and to be friendly, obey the word of God that teaches us to be of good cheer, positive before afflictions, tribulations, so that way we will live in peace, as it is written on verse above. Do not let anything take your peace away, believe in God, trust Him and rest assured that your days will be better and people will want to be close to you, and so it will be a good way to win souls, will it not? With your good testimony. And don't get afflicted because of the problems, put them in the hands of the Most High God, who better than Him to solve them?

A big kiss and until next week.
Juliana Furucho
Translated by: Tatia Oliveira
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