Monday, 13 November 2017

Three types of people

When the Lord Jesus was taken by the religious in order be condemned  for no reason, we can see the following: 
(Read John 18: 28-40) 

* The Lord Jesus - he was completely focused on His mission and pleasing the Father. He never defended himself or resisted to His purpose. 

* The religious - Were very concerned about losing their position, their control. The only thing they wanted was to get rid of their "enemy", the one who represented a danger to their political and religious well-being; in other words, the Lord Jesus. 

* Pilate - an undefined governor, who knew that Jesus was innocent but did not have the courage to let him free, and stand against the religious ones. 

This shows us that there will always be these three types of people: 

 * The spirituals - those who want to please God and put His will above all. They keep themselves clean and apart from evil. These are focused on their mission, not aiming at their life. 
* The carnal - these are capable of everything to defend their own interests, even if they have to "kill" anyone who crosses their way (with lies, false witness, deceive, etc.). 

* The undefined ones - those who stand with those who suit them, because they think about themselves and not about justice. They want to be on the side of those who (they think) can give them more benefits, without endangering their position or well-being. 
Let's examine which one of the 3 types of people we have been!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

How to keep yourself pure?

“To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted.” Titus 1:15
Many people ask themselves how it is possible to keep being pure among so much wickedness in this world. If you are alone, without the presence of God, I agree that it is impossible. However, the Holy Spirit gives us conditions to stay pure to God. It is up to us to watch to keep this purity, and to not let our eyes, mind, and heart contaminate with evil things.
If the person is pure, she sees things with good eyes. Of course, I’m not talking about accepting wrong things as right! But to have the purity to understand people, to be merciful, to see the good side and to not try always see the wrong side, that many times don’t exist; unless to those who have evil eyes.
Those who are in the condition of being impure normally like to contaminate others, throwing poisonous words and unnecessary comments. Those who are impure always understand things in a wrong way. If someone wants to help her, she sees it as being persecuted; if she’s rebuked, she sees it as unfair. Even when they do her right, she still sees an evil intention or interest. Since s/he is impure doesn’t know how to receive what’s good or even identify good.
Let’s keep our purity inside of us because it’s a characteristic of the Holy Spirit that abides is us.
God bless you all!

Monday, 23 October 2017

The story of my life 15 - The work of God and the family

When I was an assistant, the main service on Sunday was at 7:30am. So on Saturday I would leave everything ready. I’d iron my uniform, have my shoes polished, etc. because on Sunday we got up early to go to church. I remember that my dream was to be able to stay in church the whole day, to have lunch there, and stay for the afternoon meetings. However this was not possible. My father demanded that all family members were present on Sunday for lunch. During the week he and my mother did not have lunch at home because of work.
As I said before, I was eighteen at the time, but I lived and depended financially on my parents because I was still going to school. Not because I was older I could disrespect him. After the service we’d hurry home for lunch and then we’d go back to church.

Now imagine if I said, “I am not a child anymore, so I’ll eat in church, anyway!” How do you think my father would react? He would rebuke me and in addition be angry with the church, thinking that the pastor demanded this from me when it was not true. Many have made their family members hate the church because of their bad example. They immediately think that the church is the one who dictates certain rules and makes certain demands. In fact these are decisions that the person makes without thinking she’s giving a bad testimony. So I’d like everyone to think right now, what kind of testimony are you giving to your family members?

Over the years I met several assistants who were tireless regarding the work of God. They served in the meetings, cleaned the church, stayed until late… but at home they were a terrible testimony of the Lord Jesus. They did not respect their parents, did not help with the domestic tasks, and made their homes a hotel. They left early to go to school or work and went back only to sleep; as if they had no responsibility to their home and family.
These attitudes make a big difference. How can we exhale the perfume of Jesus if we do not behave according to His teachings? More than talking, we need to show God to our family members. Many speak, but since their attitudes don’t prove what they say, their family doesn’t believe their words. Others hardly speak, but with their testimony they have drawn their loved ones to their faith.

It is time to review whether you have done what God wants you to do or you’re doing according to your own will. Perhaps many of the problems or persecution that you suffer at home are not your parents' fault as you claim, but are caused by your indifference, lack of attention, lack of care and consideration for them. Be more sensitive to the needs of your parents, respect them, help them, and God will honor you.
Do not try to impose your faith, but show it through your attitudes. Think about it!

Monday, 16 October 2017

The story of my life 14 – The public shame


When I finished school, I did a three month internship. On my way I always walked in a busy street in the center of Porto. It was a long avenue full of shops and very busy. There were always some street vendors and also less fortunate people asking for alms on the sidewalk. But among them, a woman called my attention. I’d see her every day sitting on the floor with a child. A difficult scene to watch! If it hurts to see an adult asking, imagine with a child, who was visibly sick. It started to bother me, I needed to tell her about Jesus. But how? She was always surrounded by people walking by, and some stopped to give. What would I do to get her attention?

The days went by and I kept seeing that sad scene and telling myself, “I need to do something.” One day I said to myself, “Today is the day I'll talk to her.” And so I did on the way back. The street was  crowded. It was a busy hour! When I passed by where she was, I approached her, and made an invitation for her to go to church to find the solution for her life. And I said, “Your son can be cured.” But do you know what was her reaction? She started yelling at me, saying that she already had her religion and to not talk to her about another church, etc. but screaming... As you can imagine, although I did the right thing, I felt a lot of shame, because people stared at me; and I don’t know what they thought I said to that poor woman. But inside of me I was in peace, I knew that I had done what God wanted.

It is very sad when we see people suffering and we know the solution for their lives; but they refuse to accept it. They prefer to continue in rock bottom than to give up the religiosity and open their mind and heart to the One who can save: the Lord Jesus. However, that did not make me give up evangelizing. Because some do not accept the good news of the gospel, it doesn’t mean that we are going to be silent and stop spreading what’s good. This was not the only time people said “no” to me. Many times people don’t want to hear me, they close the door in my face, they curse, they pretend that they’re not listening, etc. However we must continue to do what the Lord Jesus taught us. Of course, always with education, never wanting to impose our faith on anyone nor disrespecting the belief of others.

“He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”” Mark 16:15

May each one contribute and do his/her part. Have you ever been through something similar? Tell us your experience!

In the meantime readhere the previous posts.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

The story of my life 13: "The wonderful and pleasant news"


As I told you in the previous post I had received the Holy Spirit and was fighting to be raised as an assistant. It was not easy to be in the work of God. We had to prove that we really wanted it. It was not a joke or a simple momentary desire, it was something serious and I was aware of it. In February of 1994 I was raised as an assistant. Since I was aware of the great responsibility I received, I had to speak to my father. Although I was 18 at the time, I still lived with my parents and owed them respect and obedience. I had to make my decision known. I prayed before talking to my father. So one day when he was taking me to school, I took advantage of the opportunity of being alone with him, and said, “Father, I'm going to become an assistant.”

Since he did not go to church he did not know what that meant, so I explained to him, “I will help in the meetings and I will have to participate in all the vigils because I have assumed this responsibility and I will not fail.” He promptly replied, “If this is not going to get in the way of your studies, that's fine.” What a relief I felt! God prepared everything!

I really enjoyed counseling and evangelizing. I remember that I used to go to the Hospital of Aids too pray for the sick ones; I used to go to houses to rescue those who had left the church. We also evangelized in the streets, on the bus, knocking doors, and in the asylums. The church also had a strong social work. It distributed clothes and food and we always helped. The pastor always taught us that we had to cry for the souls and our love for them would increase, so I’d do it. On Sunday afternoon I would not go out with Joaquim, I would always evangelize. He would take me to church and say that he was waiting for me in the car. However this never happened. The Holy Spirit always bothered him and he always ended up going to evangelize as well. Some time later, during the week of the Holy Spirit, he was baptized with the Holy Spirit; and in April he was raised as an assistant. I was very happy and grateful to God! We were both in the same faith and serving God.

Our free time was dedicated to the church. We felt complete when helping people. He was a blessed assistant, and soon he received responsibilities in the Work of God. It made me very happy! Although many people of the church knew that we were dating, since when we started coming to the Universal Church we were already dating; we still kept our discretion. We did not hold hands inside of the church, nor did we had long conversations. Our courtship had always been respected. We had never been called attention for acting inappropriately. We were always careful to give a good testimony and to please God with our relationship. Our pleasure in serving was true and I did not imagine myself doing anything else. God had called me!

How about you, do you have the desire to be useful in the work of God?

What do you think of doing for those who suffer?

In the next post I will speak of an embarrassing situation that I lived. Let’s wait!

Monday, 18 September 2017

The story of my life 12: "The delay to receive the Holy Spirit"


The pastor always sought the Holy Spirit in the meetings. Once when we went to evangelize an assistant started talking about this subject. I was interested, however I did not think it was possible. How can something so Holy and Pure dwell within me, full of mistakes and sin? How is it possible to speak in tongues ​​like the pastor? This was something really supernatural and for sure only for very special people. How would it happen to me?

Here was the answer to why even though I had more than a year in the church I was not yet baptized with the Holy Spirit! Simply because I didn’t believe! How can we achieve something we don’t believe in? I can only receive what I believe in. Without faith there is no miracle. I did not need to understand how it would happen, or how God would do it. I just needed to believe and leave my emotion aside. One thing I was sure: I needed a Savior, without Him I would continue lost. This Word is very clear:

“Jesus answered, Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit.” John 3.5

There was no use to be inside of the church and out of the Kingdom God. I was already baptized in the waters, but I wasn’t yet born of the Spirit. When I believed that it was possible for all who believe, then I saw my need. So I decided to seek Him with all my strength. I remember that I fasted and prayed. I wanted to show God that I really wanted Him more than anything else. In the summer of 1993 we went camping. Every vacation we would go somewhere with my parents, but this year was different. I would not turn away from my purpose. I remember that I’d wake up every day at 6am, go to the beach, though it was still empty, and I’d seek the Holy Spirit alone. The pastor held a meeting every Sunday at 6pm for the assistants and the candidates, so I used to attended it.

In September, in one of these meetings my answer arrived. Something supernatural happened and I received the Holy Spirit! An immeasurable peace, joy, and an extraordinary force invaded my being. From that day on I was sure that God was with me. I was not alone! How wonderful! The assurance was the biggest sign! I was so happy that I felt so powerful lol.

With the Holy Spirit in my life, all the complexes of inferiority ended, all the negative feelings about myself disappeared. I never had “problems” with my body again. I no longer felt inferior than other people. My interior was transformed. The desire to serve God was born. That young girl who did not want to be an assistant before, now wanted to be used in His work. Of course I couldn’t imagine being a pastor's wife. I only wanted to serve as an assistant and help people. In addition to attending the meetings on Sunday morning, I continued to attend the meetings on Sunday at 6pm. I wanted more! In the next post I'll tell you when I was raised as an assistant.

Have you been baptized with the Holy Spirit yet? What are you doing about it?

Thursday, 14 September 2017

The story of my life 11: "I did not want to be an assistant"

I always went to church with my mother, my sister and my boyfriend. We had been going for almost a year now, but I always said that I did not want to be an assistant. I went to school, so I thought that if I became a helper I’d need a lot of time and could not fulfill my studies. I didn’t participate in any group of the church, the youth group, not even the evangelization group. However,  some time after, I started to desire to get more involved with the things of God. I really enjoyed being in the church.

So in the summer vacation of 1992 I joined the evangelism group. We would go in the streets to talk about Jesus. I’d paid attention to what the assistants said so I could learn. We went to talk about Jesus to the prostitutes, we also said the good news to the beggars, and everyone we saw on the streets.
Once the pastor asked me, “My daughter are you firm like the walls of Jericho?” I had never heard of walls of Jericho. What would that be? But I thought, if they are walls they must be strong lol so I answered “yes sir.” The pastor laughed and left. Then when I read about the walls of Jericho that God made fall down for His people to come and conquer the promised land, I felt so ashamed of the answer I gave, but there was nothing more to be done. Now it's a joke. Even writing about it I still laugh; but not at that time.

It is sad when we do not know the Word! I keep thinking of the thousands of people who are deceived by not having the knowledge of the Truth! That’s why the importance of announcing the gospel as much as we can.
Everything was going well, however I lacked something very important and indispensable! I will speak about it in the next post.

Have you ever made a mistake by not knowing the Word of God?
Have you ever been ashamed of it? Share it with us!

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