Thursday, 17 August 2017

The story of my life 3: The dreamer

Have you ever heard of princes, white horse, butterflies and sunset? I was a dreamer. I liked to read stories of princesses, stay in the backyard listening to music, and imagining my enchanted prince. My imagination flew away, for real! The stories were all the same: a princess in danger saved by a handsome prince and taken by him, on a white horse, to the castle!
From this moment on, girls start to want things to happen this way. But when they “wakes up” they don’t see nothing of it!

Does this mean that we cannot dream? Not exactly; but we must know how to differentiate reality from fantasy. And that's what many girls don’t know; that’s why they suffer! Girls like me who lived in an imaginary world! I remember that I liked a guy that never noticed me. If he’d see me then I’d feel like I “won the day”. I was satisfied with so little! I had the illusion that one day it would be possible, but it never was!

Once a friend invited me for a party in her house, when I arrived, there were several friends of mine and some people who were not part of my circle of friends. But something unexpected was about to happen! I remember that a boy invited me to dance. I did not even know how to, but the was the best lol! I accepted, after all we were among friends, in a familiar environment. Then why not? I danced with him. I believe that we didn’t even have a conversation but from that day on he did not leave my head. We went home. I remember that I started talking about him with my best friend!
We had never talked before because he was not part of my circle of friends. However, I went to school with his sister, and this made things easy. I did not mention my interest for him, but his sister knew about it and told him!

At the time, his sister and I also danced folclore (a Portuguese dance) in the recreational center of my city. The rehearsals were every Saturday and for my surprise he started coming. It meant something. He was going to see me, I was the reason why he was there. I saw that he was different. He wasn’t “silly” like some boys who went to school with me. He was more serious and mature. After a few months we started dating, I still remember the place where he proposed to me. I accepted and he wrote our names in a heart, lol. You want to know who it is, don’t you? This person is Joaquim, the man I married five years later. I'll tell you later more about this later.

So now I had a boyfriend! Apparently I had everything: parents who cared and loved me, my sister, a boyfriend. I didn’t lack anything materially speaking, I went to school, went on vacation during the summer. Apparently everything was okay, but the internal conflicts were still there. There was this emptiness inside of my chest that nothing could fulfill it!

Do you feel that way too? Write in the comments how you feel! Take advantage of the Fast of Daniel. The Holy Spirit is the only one who can fulfill this void. There is not a thing or a person that has this capacity, only Him. When you receive the Holy Spirit, you will never again feel that emptiness inside your chest!

However, when I turned 16 years old, we had a news that wasn’t good; but I'll tell you in the next post! 

Photo: Joaquim and I 

Sunday, 13 August 2017

The story of my Life 2: The black cloud

I was growing up, now in my late teens! It was a new phase, and I think at this moment we become more curious and more aware of everything around us! I was no different. I started to look at my body and to see it with bad eyes. Suddenly I did not want to wear skirts, shorts, blouses, or anything that showed my body. I was very skinny and started to compare myself with other girls of my age. Girls who had a more “developed” body and this created complexes in me. Yes friends, my “enemies” during my adolescence were the complexes of my appearance.
It did not matter if I was told that my eyes were beautiful and expressive, that my smile was charming or my hair full and strong. That to my ears were just “loose parts” that made no difference at all! I thought my family was saying that to please me, and they were not being honest.

I started to give problems when it comes to getting dressed. I did not want to wear certain clothes that my mother thought I should wear. I just wanted to hide what I thought was ugly. I remember that I liked to dress up. I liked to buy new clothes, but was always very careful. No showing legs or clavicles! Why should I show my “crooked knee” (it was not), or my outstanding clavicle? That's how I spoke! The way I looked at me was not good! To make things worse, my cousin would call me “slim Olivia” and a friend of my sister said that I had the eyes of a frog because they were big, lol. Today I laugh, but at the time cried. How sad it is to be insecure!

Imagine that I even thought that I would never get married. What boy would look at me? As if it was not enough to be insecure, now I was also a complexed and shy girl. One problem brings the other. I did not like to be on the spot, I did not want to be the center of attention, I did not want everyone looking at me at the same time. The dream of many girls to be popular was far from being mine! Although I enjoyed participating in all the activities I did not want to call attention. That was like a burden I carried in my teenage years. There is nothing worse than not feeling good about yourself, not loving and not appreciating yourself. I did not want to feel inferior before other young people, but it was there. Every day it was there. And every day I was in my cocoon.
But at 15 something unexpected happened!
Wait to find out in the next post! Hold on to your curiosity!!!

Today I wonder how the devil works sneakily in the minds of the young girls to have them under the dominion of evil, oppressed and unhappy. And how friends and family should be careful with the words they say because they have no idea how these words will influence the behavior of the young woman and what she thinks about herself. Do you have or have you ever had these inner conflicts?

Today the Fast of Daniel begins. It’s a great opportunity for you to receive the Holy Spirit and to be free from all those feelings and thoughts that imprison you. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The story of my life 1: Creating Roots

photo: my sister (right) and I (left)

Hello dear ones,
Today I'm going to start telling you my story! I'll tell you a bit about my childhood so you can understand situations that I lived later on. Remember that I was not in the church yet. I only came to church when I was 16 years old.

I remember that I was a happy child, I had a family that loved me and looked after me very well. I had friends and did not lack anything, everything seemed to be in order. I was a normal child who smiled, played a lot; I felt loved and protected.
However, not everything was a sea of ​​roses. My parents had some problems in their marriage and these problems affected me. I did not like to see them upset with each other. It made me insecure and afraid that they could be separated. In fact just thinking about this possibility made me terrified. I could not imagine living without either one.
When I became a teenager, I started to understand more things and the world. I saw myself as a shy girl, afraid to express myself in front of strangers and insecure. It seemed like those problems had affected me more than I could imagine; in fact they began to influence the way I felt and my behavior. I tried to be an obedient girl, I studied hard, I never gave problems to my parents, etc.

I began to have a posture of “the peace maker.” If they fought I tried to intervene, calm them down, and bring peace around us. I always did everything to help my mother, even in the housework. I did not want to see her sad, and depending on me, she wouldn’t be. I think that in my subconscious I tried to make it up for her. Today I know that my insecurities and fears that lasted until I met the Lord Jesus occurred from this situation. Without knowing it, I was creating roots!
I remember that during the summer, we used to go on vacation. Those months were my favorite! I do not know why but during that time things got better between them, they seemed to be happier. That was all I wanted! So I had a lot of fun lol my heart was more calm and I felt safer.
I did not know how to handle problems. No child knows! A child just tries to adapt. But something was about to happen inside of me that would aggravate the situation. It was like a black cloud hovering over me! My teenager years did not come alone!

I'll talk about it in the next post!

Me at two or three years old

 Me at seven years old

Monday, 7 August 2017

Blog news! New series!


Hi dears,

I will start a new series here in the blog, called “The story of my life.” I will share with you my journey with God since I started coming to church, my experiences, challenges I faced, battles, attitudes taken, etc. I know it will you help you all!

Some of you are taking your first steps in faith, some are in the church of many years, others do the work of God in the atrium, and others on the Altar. You will be able to follow my journey from the beginning, as an assistant, and now as a pastor’s wife. Of course it will take a while but I will be specific in many subjects so it can help you in your daily struggles!

I will be posting it on Mondays and Thursdays.

I’ll be waiting for your visit here in the blog. Please share it with your friends.

Many kisses, may God bless you infinitely!

Monday, 31 July 2017

The appearance of evil

 “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” 1 Thessalonians 5:22

Appearance speaks a lot for itself, in relation to people, places, meals, etc. You certainly have looked at a plate of food and said: “This looks good, must be delicious” or “this food looks bad, it must not be good.” Even without proof, only by the appearance you could see whether it was good or bad. Although that impression might not coincide with reality, it almost always does!
Let us see the meaning of the word appearance: what appears at first sight; exteriority, aspect, probability.

When God tells us to abstain ourselves of all appearance of evil, it means that when we see the appearance of something, and realize that it does not prove to be good, then we must neither prove nor want to try it, let alone say get closer. God said,“Abstain from all appearance of evil…” He did not say “abstain from all evil” if we see that a certain person, place, or situation already appears evil, we must reject it right away!

Here are some examples:
You know that the boy who is flirting with you is not of the same faith, so do not reciprocate or start a relationship, knowing that he does not know God.  You must reject it before accepting and suffering.
Your friends invite you to go to the club. Don’t you know what happens in those places and that by being there you become vulnerable? Is it the appearance of good or evil?
You see a group of people gossiping, the best thing to do is to not join them, otherwise you will end up doing the same.
The best we can do is to always run away from everything that appears evil and destructive to our lives and to our faith. If we do not, we will end up making mistakes and displeasing God with our attitudes.

Have you fled from the appearance of evil?

Thursday, 27 July 2017

What are you afraid of losing?

“So the chief priests planned to put Lazarus to death also, because on account of him many of the Jews went away and believed in Jesus.” John 12:10-11

We come across these verses with a very scary conspiracy from the chief priests. Men who served God, led the people and had knowledge about the Holy Scriptures were planning to kill two men: the Lord Jesus and Lazarus. Those who “defended” the law given by God to Moses, now intended to break it without any remorse. Or doesn’t the Law say “Thou shalt not kill?”

We see that the feast of Passover was near and many of the people were already coming to Jerusalem to purify themselves (John 11:55). But while the people sanctified themselves, the priests who were to set the example, were planning something terrible.
The fear of losing their religious power was so much that they were willing to commit a terrible act against whom they considered a threat to their purposes. It is very sad when the person thinks that he is spiritual being totally of the flesh.

And how many people when they feel threatened to lose a responsibility, a title or a position, begin to speak lies, become jealous, have evil eyes, malice and even slander those who they think are occupying the place that should be theirs.

They begin to plot evil against someone committing the same error as those priests. At that moment what they have always condemned because it’s against the Word of God, now in a difficult moment of their life, they do it! It is easy to live the faith when all is well, but what are your reactions in the deserts of life? Do you remain faithful to the Word or act in the flesh by forgetting the Law of God?

Many people think that they will achieve spiritual things using fleshy means and that is IMPOSSIBLE. Do not think that by harming someone and being unfair you will get something from God. We must live what we believe and teach, and that is true for good and bad times of our lives.

God bless you all!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Mistakes we can make with time

Time can be a great ally if we remain in the faith, as well as a fierce enemy if there is no vigilance from our part. See common mistakes that someone makes, when he/she is no longer in the faith.

·      He/she thinks they know everything
·      In their weakness they complain instead of using their faith
·      They don’t recognize their weaknesses
·      They do not seek help
·      They don’t accept to be rebuke or be taught
·      They feel self-sufficient
·      Believe in their own ability or intelligence, and so they leave God aside
·      They stop depending on God in the smallest details
·      Want to maintain an image of perfection
·      Live by appearance

If by reading this list you realized that you are in this situation, go back to live a pure and genuine faith in the Word of God.
Leave your comments or testimony!
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