Monday, 21 August 2017

The story of my life 4: The bad news

In a routine exam, I was diagnosed with diabetes! My world fell to the ground! How in the world, at the age of 16, did I get an incurable disease? It was horrible! I felt so bad! I saw the worry on my mother's face. That day I totally lost my joy. I got home and lay down, I did not want to do anything. Everyone was astonished, my parents, my boyfriend, my whole family, and I was distressed. I just could not assimilate that news.

When we don’t have anyone to turn to, we get desperate in the face of the problems that come our way. So we feel alone and without ground. Lack of hope and despair take over, it seems like everything is over. I grew up in a traditional religious family. Since I was in a church, we performed the rituals demanded there; but at this time we felt alone. How could it be? We had so many “gods” and in the moment we needed them they could not help us. They could not do anything for me!

I had a small size image that I got from my grandmother. I slept with it everyday under my pillow. When I would forgot it, I’d feel bad and guilty as if I had despised it. But where was it in this difficult moment of my life? What was it going to do for me? Didn’t he remember all the prayers I had already done? All the visits to his temple? What a faith I had that did not work in the moments I needed the most! The questions were numerous!

I was not using my faith in the right person, but I did not know it, I did not have any knowledge of the Bible. I did not even have a Bible! But to our delight, this problem was about to be solved! I will tell you in the next post how it happened.

PS: I would like to clarify that I am not here offending or attacking any religion or denomination. I am telling my story, what happened, how I felt and what was going on in my mind. That is why I cannot omit certain important facts.


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