Thursday, 14 June 2012

The character of the Woman of God -1

Today we are going to talk about a quality that is very appreciated, but very hard to find, sincerity.

There is nothing worse than to live with people who have two faces and only reveal one, when they are in front of you they are kind, caring, they flatter you, the only that's left for them to do is to kneel before you and kiss your feet, but as soon as you leave and you are not around they talk bad about you, the little sheep turns into a ferocious wolf and she begins to destroy.

Now lets see the many ways to show that you are false:

-The person speaks badly of others, and makes critics and suggests horrible things, all with the purpose of hurting their image.

-If circumstances are not going their way and on top of that things are not favorable to them, then they begin to bring forth their false side to gain favor, because to them the most important thing is to invert the situation, no matter what they have to do.

-How is it possible for someone to be so kind and ten minutes later, to be so perverse, surely it's a defect in their character, what's worse is that on top of it all, it's become a natural habit and she can't see that what she is doing is really bad.

-For example, there is another way in which a person can be fake, and it's based on the level of care she needs, she wants to receive attention and receive affection, and so she begins to say things she doesn't really mean or think. Because by doing this she will receive some kind of attention and affection from others, of course that this attitude is wrong, because it too is false.

-Lastly, a person can be fake to cover up her true conditions and show a different side of herself to try to advance socially, economically, etc.

These types of behavior are contrary to Gods nature, how a person is in front of us they should be behind us, this shows a true and honest character, and this is the only way to reveal that she is the same in any situation and that she doesn't change, when you don't act this way you prove to be a double face and personality, therefor proving a huge lack of character.

A person who is false, cannot be trusted, because everything in her is a lie.

"You decide"

" I don't know what to do, where I work there is a co-worker of mine who is very false, in front of our boss she is a suck up, but when he leaves she talks very badly of him behind his back. But the situation gets worse, he thinks she is sincere and true, and he's even considering giving her a raise, but I know she is a two face. Please what should I do and what can I do to fix this?

(Please leave your comments answering this question from above, what would you do? You decide)


Marcia Q. said...

If I was her, I would tell the boss the truth in front of her. Because the boss even thinks of good will for this other coworker. I wouldn't be part of gossip. I don't care if I get fired for this. And if the boss, after knowing the truth, still keeps her as an employee, I would leave the office, so this other coworker does not make my life impossible.

Virginia Gemini said...

I think you should let your boss know he is being deceived because if you were him, you wouldn't like that someone knew you were being mocked about and and said nothing but watch. He must feel taken for granted, which is a horrible state. so it is wise to let him know.

Victoria said...

Since you are the one who knew her, then speak up never contaminate yourself with the wrongdoings of your co-worker beside you set yourself free and if you do so it's either they will believe or not at least you have done your part. Be careful of the people that brings gossip to you because after someday they will also talk about you behind your back.

Damilola said...

Be the woman of God and in this situation and speak.

Anonymous said...

She should tell her boss be a true woman of God her boss will apreciate her honesty


Anonymous said...

I would not be involved, I will stay far away from her as possible. If you tell the boss it might be awkward. He will soon find out.

Jennifer said...

The fact that it has got this far is because nobody has spoken up. If what the person is doing is against the policy and ways of working of the organisation, then the boss needs to know about it. Nevertheless, it has far gone now and is no point in "bringing up the dirt" months or years later.... However, if the person is still doing wrong now, speak up!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Ms Rubim,
It is a terrible shame that people can be so foolish as to think this way, when people are too faced they are being and idiot, because they clearly have no faith, how can they behave like this when they must know that God is seeing and hearing everything they do? How can it benefit them, if they fool people for a while, they never tricked God? If I saw this situation, I would pray but i would also find a way of promoting someone I felt was not two faced to that manager, either a note or pray for the way to push someone forwards, ie, to boss,"have you noticed how punctual, polite, etc so and so is, i think they have worked very hard without recognition for their efforts, " surely there is something that that person can do well something about their manner, that the foolish one cannot do, or has, May be pose a question for the boss to think about at the same time, or drop a hint, oh and this one doesn't disrepect people behind their backs either!
there you go! something for the boss to think about, then pray that through and if he or she doesn't get it keep going ladies especially if the foolish one makes mistakes, keep promoting the good ones until they get it, they will eventually, you could always unknowingly tape record them! te he!

Anonymous said...

oh and don't worry if people talk about you behind your back , you can't be careful with people like that, they have a cake hole that never stops and they probably talk in their sleep and under anaesthetic too!lol ignore!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Tania,

Honestly speaking I went through he exact same thing and just like this person said such fake people deceive a lot people of who they truly are and only does who are close know what they are capable, I really don't want to be this person. I maybe full of mistakes but one thing I will not accept is to be fake, this one is the worse that destroying your whole reputation. Reading this message made me see that a true Woman of God is not Fake, she maybe full of mistakes and assumes them and learn from them and moves on period, she never tries and hide just to look good in front of human eyes, she cares more about what God thinks of her rather than what people think of her.

Thanks for sharing this really helps me.
Cannot wait for the next post.

Carole Basseck

izamar said...

Leave it in God's hands sooner out later her character will be revealed because there's nothing hidden that won't be reveled

Vanessa Glover said...

I think that you should leave it in God's hands, because in a way it has nothing to do with you because what your boss sees is what the co-worker wants him to see and if all of a sudden you come along and say what you know about her whether it being in a nice or bad way he may think you are just trying to change his mind because she is receiving a pay rise. But obviously if this pay rise does happen then the difference will be made between both of you for our God is a just God.

Juliette Lubiki said...

First, of all this is a very great post.
For me I have to ask myself, if I'm really sincere in everything I do with people. I don't wanna be someone in a front of people, and then change just like this!! NO!!
I MUST ask God, to lead my attention to by His, not mine. Because I don't live anymore for me but for Him.

For the question, you ask. I think I'll leave it in Jesus's hand! Because, I'm faithful with him in my dime, my offerings.. Not matter what, I'm not going to change for this person, I'll pray for them. And one day, God'll act!!
I've faith.

Thank for this post. Going to mediate on it today.

Juliette, Paris/France.

Genesis Cabrera said...

What i would do would be that I would speak with my co-worker, I would show them what they are doing is
not right. I would definitely pray for this person.
And for God to do justice, and if it gets to a worst situation when I would speak to the boss.

Buhle said...

Good day Mrs Tania

I would honestly let it be; people with this kind of character eventually slip up, if my boss is so smitten with a lie, my telling him at the period that he wants to give her a raise would hoist suspicion of jealousy and at the end of the day my boss wouldn’t have learnt the truth about her.

I would also warn her that her double character will be her demise and I will certainly no tolerate such behaviour.

Anonymous said...

. I think that one has to be honest and cannot accept any gossip, I think you should talk to your co-worker that she is doing wrong and that you don’t want to hear her opinions about your boss. This is just dirtying your heart, just put a stop to it.

Anonymous said...

I would talk to my co-worker,because 2 faces doesn't last forever.And by having 2 faces you deceive yourself more than anybody else.

Yinka said...

If it was me I would confrot my co-worker trying to talk to her in a way that she will understand for herself what she is doing is wrong, then hopefully she will change or go to the Boss and apologise for her unlawful actions.


think that one has to be honest and cannot accept any gossip, I think you should talk to your co-worker that she is doing wrong and that you don’t want to hear her opinions about your boss. This is just dirtying your heart, just put a stop to it.

cecilia mametse said...

Sincerity is the key for us to have the character of God,and as the bible says that let the wheat and the weeds grow together because at the right time there will be a different between both of them

Karen Simoko said...

If it were me, l would certainly talk to my co-worker and try to make her realise her mistake.And I would ask her not to mention the boss to me because he is also my superior and l would want to make my own judgements not influenced by her words.

Nuria Fernandes said...

I personally think that someone who is fake always has an expiry date. There is only a certain amount of time they can continue to pretend and to be fake, sooner or later things begin to exposed and true colours show. But in terms of the scenario above. You leave it to God, because even if she gets a raise and promoted she will soon to feel uncomfortable because there will be expectations she will no longer be able to meet and instead of reaching her personal potential she will become frustrated and crumble.

This is exactly what happened to me. The expectations of other became much and I struggled to keep up. So I crumbled. Then I realised sincerity was the only way I was going to move forward.

Thank you for the post !

Sade Borishade said...

True, I know someone who speaks badly about another and it can bring a negative spirit towards me but I do try to say 'Leave him or her alone' or 'dont worry about them, do your thing'. It worked for about ..... 5 minutes

Speaking evil about someone is not being sincere, to yourself or to the other person.

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