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  • Washing clothes in the washer-  separate your clothes by color. Carefully read the tags of each piece of clothing and follow their instructions and don’t overload the washer. Never use the maximum temperature indicated. Place clothes with fabrics that are more delicate in a washing mesh or in a pillowcase.

  • Food stains on clothes:

    Add detergent on the stain while the clothing is still dry, enough to moisten the stain. Rub it a bit and then wash it normally.
    The stains caused by grease and foods do not resist after this procedure.

    • Humidity:
    If any wall of your closet is attached to the bathroom wall, moisture can reach the clothes. This is solved by placing Styrofoam between the cabinet and the wall.
    Soap placed in drawers to scent also attract moisture, because they were made ​​to interact with water.
    Tulle bags with chalk (made ​​from lime), hung on hooks, helps control moisture.

    • Clothing:
    Do not store warn clothes without washing. Sweat and body fat attract moths and cockroaches, and it can also damage the fabric of your clothing. 
    • Moths:

    Avoid moths, termites and cockroaches, by leaving far any type of paper, shoeboxes, and rolls of cardboard that come inside of shoes. The old mothballs, despite their smell, still really work. 

    • How to clean wooden spoons: 
    To clean them correctly, leave them overnight soaking in half a liter of water with three spoonfuls of lemon juice. 
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