Friday, 31 July 2015

3 essential things in a servant of God

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 "Who can ascend the mountain of the Lord? Who may stand in his holy place? 
He who has clean hands and a pure hear, and do not surrender to lie, or act falsely.“
Psalms 24: 3, 4.

God shows us three essential things to maintain our faith and our salvation,
clean hands, a pureheart and holy mind. We can understand that one 
depends on the other; we cannot say that we have clean heart and mind holy,
but our handsare dirty, for if the heart and the mind are pure, we will not do
wrong is it not?
If we act badly, it comes from a contaminated mind or an evil heart; 
consequently it is three in one, because the deficiency of one implies
the absence of the other.

Let's see what each one means in practice?

Clean hands – this is not about personal hygiene, but your life free from sin.
It means that your actions are fair and righteous, your conduct is in
accordance with the word of God and you do not practice what is wrong;
there is no “dirt” in your life.

Pure heart - a pure heart is free from slander, it is to have an upright and
sincere heart, far from the appearance of evil. It’s you not feeding bad feelings.
Such a heart does not live in the danger area, it flees from temptation and
shuns evil, because it respects the sanctity of God.

Holy mind – it is you rejecting negative thoughts, not feeding sinful thoughts.
To keep your holy mind you must be strong , thoughts are thrown by the
devil, but it's up to you to reject them immediately , keeping your thoughts
away from the influence of evil.
Here is the verse that speaks clearly on what we ought to think to keep our
mind separate from evil.

"Finally , brothers , whatever is true , whatever is noble, whatever things are
 just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever things are of good report;
if there be any virtue, and ifthere be any praise , think on these things "
 Philippians 4 : 8.

All of this is our responsibility; we cannot blame anyone for our evil deeds,
or because our hearts are dirty or our mind contaminated.
Each one of us has a duty to keep up with all these three virtues for our
own good.


ms guni,england said...

This is for me I used to be easily offended and hold grudges. The grudges were like a. Cancer of the heart .

Anita Isioma Chukwuma said...

This uhmmm am holding on too and will fight to practise thanks ma

Anita Isioma Chukwuma said...

This uhmmm am holding on too and will fight to practise thanks ma

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