Monday, 13 November 2017

Three types of people

When the Lord Jesus was taken by the religious in order be condemned  for no reason, we can see the following: 
(Read John 18: 28-40) 

* The Lord Jesus - he was completely focused on His mission and pleasing the Father. He never defended himself or resisted to His purpose. 

* The religious - Were very concerned about losing their position, their control. The only thing they wanted was to get rid of their "enemy", the one who represented a danger to their political and religious well-being; in other words, the Lord Jesus. 

* Pilate - an undefined governor, who knew that Jesus was innocent but did not have the courage to let him free, and stand against the religious ones. 

This shows us that there will always be these three types of people: 

 * The spirituals - those who want to please God and put His will above all. They keep themselves clean and apart from evil. These are focused on their mission, not aiming at their life. 
* The carnal - these are capable of everything to defend their own interests, even if they have to "kill" anyone who crosses their way (with lies, false witness, deceive, etc.). 

* The undefined ones - those who stand with those who suit them, because they think about themselves and not about justice. They want to be on the side of those who (they think) can give them more benefits, without endangering their position or well-being. 
Let's examine which one of the 3 types of people we have been!


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