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What kind of salt should I use?

Answer: Salt is an everyday seasoning. Who can imagine delighting on a big juicy steak or an omelet with NO salt what so ever? This sounds impossible to me. Salt should be consumed in moderation like everything in life.  Now we have several types of salt.
There are two types of salt available at the store: refined and non-refined. Refined salt has had its minerals eliminated and has been through a  “bleaching” process.  In other words it has been exposed to several chemicals, in order to get a final product.  Many consume refined salt through fast foods, canned foods, and processed foods.
Unrefined salt on the other hand is good and provides a few benefits. For example, salt contains sodium, which is an essential element required by the body to maintain fluid levels and provide channels for nerve signals. Without adequate amounts of sodium, your body may have trouble cooling down after exercise or strenuous activity.

Check if the salt you consume has been exposed to refining, bleaching, or has additives. The best way is to read the label, and observe the color. If it’s perfectly "white" so to say, than most likely it has been processed.
Our best option is Sea Salt; my favorite one is Celtic Sea Salt. This brand has been recognized for not refining or exposing its salt to any harsh treatments. When necessary I use a grinder to get a finer texture. Another option can be Himalayan salt it has a pink color many call it white gold, because it is one of the purest salts found on earth. It’s high in purity and in minerals.
 Remember that too much salt may increase the risk of hearts attacks and strokes.  It’s recommended to consume 2000mg of sodium or 5 grams of salt per day “)
Salt: There are four kinds of salt, according to their origin: sea salt and spring water, obtained by evaporation, rock salt, which comes from mining a rock called halite mineral and vegetable salt which is obtained by concentration by boiling a grass plant. Ref Wikipedia

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