Monday, 2 June 2014

Me, sexy?

The excuse is always the same; I don’t dress that way to call anyone’s attention, it’s just the style. All my friends dress that way, I just like being stylish. Deep down, she knows her image is provocative and she likes the attention, she cannot stand being unnoticed. Wherever she passes by its impossible not to look at her, because her clothes leave very little to the imagination, her make-up is scandalous and the way she walks seems to say: “I’m so HOT!”
Women who fear God worry about not saddening the Holy Spirit with their image. They want to be pretty and well put together, but without provoking, and without scandal. Have you thought that when you are dressed with something that shows more than it should, you can make someone sin? It’s true, because when men look and imagine things about you, they sin, because they have been provoked by what they just saw. It’s also necessary to watch out for seductive looks, because they speak more than a thousand words.
What is the image we transmit on behalf of our image? That of a woman who is respectable, or that of a woman who likes to have all the attention and admired for her body and her extravagant ways?
It’s not about being messy or relaxed; it’s about being feminine with dignity, because people make conclusions about us depending on how we dress.
Create your image, that which God and everyone can see and one you can feel proud of. Don’t forget that our image is a mixture of things:
  • The way we dress
  • Our attitudes
  • The way we speak
  • The way we look at others
  • How we treat others
  • The good and bad things we do
All these things form our image before God and others.

Feel genuine without looking sexy.


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