Monday, 27 July 2015

Develop virtues that will benefit your relationship

How often we are polite, tolerant, patient with our friends, coworkers, strangers, etc. But when it comes to our husband the picture changes, and we do not act with him as we do with others. This will drain the relationship and cause detachment.
Let's look at some important virtues to be put into practice also in marriage:
Be polite: do not shout, answer back, make long faces, or stop talking. Always use the words please and thank you, even with your husband. It is said that good manners fit everywhere; so it also does in marriage.
Submission: recognize your husband as the head. Know the place that God intended for each one of you: the husband as a caregiver and the wife as helper.
Respect: it can never lack. No relationship survives if there is lack of respect, such as name calling, offensive words, ugly gestures, aggression, and rudeness.
Humility: we have to learn to give in for the sake of both. It is necessary to be humble. If none want to give in, pride prevails and the relationship suffers, and is drained. We should always do what is good for both; and it is good to be in harmony.
Understanding: understand your spouse. Be tolerant with his habits; we cannot demand our husband to be like us. Learn to deal with the differences and do not impose your will or your way of being.
Pleasure of serving: be a servant. Please him and do things with pleasure; not with a long face or anyhow, but for love. Remember that even at home you are serving the Lord Jesus.
Affection: be an affectionate wife; demonstrate it through kisses, hugs, gestures, details, surprises, messages, etc. Never be cold or indifferent. If you grew up without affection, develop this habit. Many things we did not know and learned, isn’t it? Then why not learn what will do well to your marriage?
So, do you like the short list? What else would you add? Leave your comments below.


Mamazile Gumbi said...

i learnt about the virtues that will benefit my future relationship

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