Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Sister like daughter - The storm

Hello darlings! Let us pick up from last week’s post, so for you who did not read it, read it here in order to understand the sequence of my story.
As I said previously, adopting a child is not a feeling but an action, which often brings consequences we are not prepared for. But the force that drives us makes us surpass all the challenges.
As the days and months went by we loved that girl more and more, and finally we seemed to be free from the pressure of her wet nurse and biological father. But not for too long, when we least expected the wet nurse again tried to convince her father to bring Ana Filipa back, but at this stage but she and us were already fully adapted, and the fight for adoption continued, her mother had agreed to it and signed the papers from day one, but the father, although he wanted nothing to do with the girl, did not want to sign the papers, and the midst of so much bureaucracy , the life of that little girl was at stake.
There had to be a lot of love, patience, understanding, and above all prayers and putting God in control of everything.
There truly began our war because the girl had to return to the wet nurse, and the worse is that she kept her there for days, sleeping there and everything. I lived difficult moments not only for me but above all for her, that was already used to all of us, and now had to go back again!
The weeks went by, the pain grew, only to think what that girl was suffering away from us, there were times I wondered if I would have the strength to hold on to her . I was very young, only 17 and just assumed that responsibility I knew that God had given me and could not give up.
I remember once coming into my room and poured out my heart before God and ask why God had put her in my way, and suddenly took her again?
I would go to sleep and wake up thinking about her, I cannot explain how great this love has developed in just a few months, but I knew that God had a very great purpose for her and I was included in it, and that no one could take away from me.
I remember that I spent many nights crying, the pain was immense, but in prayer everything is solved and finally she came back never to return to the wet nurse again, the woman finally gave up on that idea.
Ana was growing and everything was going well, but we were always insecure for sometimes her father said he would sign the adoption papers and other times he said he would not, it was a real war.
After that day the struggles did not end, but I did not surrender before them, I knew I had God himself as my ally, He is the One who placed Ana in my way.
How beautiful it was to see her growth with no apparent traumas, until something happened!

When she was four years old, her father says he wanted her to go to her biological mother, imagine how could it be?? She had been with us for roughly four years, and her mother did not have the minimum conditions to care for her in any way, how to undo the bond created? Although Ana was a little girl, she realized the tension and uncertainty on our part, and even though she did not know exactly what was going on, she knew something was not right!
Until one day her father rings the bell and says he would take her by force or kill all of us. He had a gun with him, imagine. My family, who never had problems with anybody, find ourselves in such a threatening situation!
But at that moment revolt came over me, and prayed to God saying I did not accept that. Ana was scared and hid under the dining room table, my parents were with her, and I was alone facing the giant, a spirit of boldness descended upon me, I confess I did not think of the consequences, I did not have time for that, my faith was screaming louder.
I confronted him and told him what I had to say without being intimidated, I made him think of that wrongdoing, after all, they decided to give us the girl, and if he really liked her, he had to show it with attitudes and let her stay with her new family. They should have thought it through before giving her away.
I spoke to him for over an hour, he calmed down and promised never to bothers us again.
But Ana became very frightened from that day on, and although she had never gone away from us, fear settled on her because there was no sense of security.
We did something supernatural to keep her always near us, we made every effort to protect her.
But even in all these trials I never thought about giving up, after all, I saw the devil working because he wanted her soul, but then saw the soul which God has entrusted me to lead to the path of truth, and this gave me an unshakable strength.
We will continue next week, there is a lot more to this story, do not miss any post and leave your comments here, I have been reading them all, each of them adds a lot in my life!

Sweet kisses, see you then!!!

Catia Rubim


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