Monday, 1 June 2015

The battery is dead!!!

Where is that decided woman of faith you used to be? What happened that now there is only discouragement and laziness?

Maybe a little while ago, or a long time ago you were this  woman of attitude, always with good cheer, using the faith, overcoming barriers, nothing stopped you, your faith and determination were contagious to everyone around you, and you were advancing.

Over time you let doubt enter, negative thoughts take over and this has brought discouragement, then you began to retreat, to lose, you no longer have strength to fight, you cannot use your faith and take action and because of that many leave the presence of God.

Darlings, take care of your thoughts, the devil works very hard in people's minds, sowing thoughts of accusations, failure and doubt so that you won’t fight it, you stay stuck, a prisoner.

God wants to give you an injection of faith, the faith that recharges your batteries, to defeat enemies and take down the walls.
It is up to you to overcome bad thoughts, that comes from the evil one to destroy you, what the devil wants the most is to steal your faith, for without it you have nothing, not even salvation.

Take care of your thoughts, whose voice have you been listening? The voice of God or the devil’s?
The biggest battle is being fought inside, in your mind, you must be strong and determined.

You who had old, depleted batteries on, be strengthened and renewed now by God's power, make use of your authority and be free right now.

Let's wake up friends, do not get involved in this deceptive sleep, take possession of what God has given you, and make use of your weapons, faith, the word of God and the name of Jesus.

Will you carry on in this situation or will you use your faith?


Tony Lebudi said...

i will take charge of my mind and use my faith. Thank you

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