Monday, 25 May 2015

Fear makes you lose

My husband always tells a story about a friend who was carrying a tray full of sardines on his way home, when suddenly the "fearsome" Kaiser, the neighbor's dog appeared.  They were all very afraid, because of its size and intimidating appearance.
He was so terrified of the dog, of being mauled or attacked, that along his way he gave Kaiser a sardine at every step he took, which of course, was gladly accepted.
Conclusion of the story, his friend came home with an empty tray, not one sardine left and Kaiser had a full belly and was very grateful indeed, haha.

And is that not what fear has caused many to do? The person will deliver their blessings into the hands of the devil, one by one, out of fear.
And so they go missing opportunities, cease to take action, to speak, to take risks, to accept a job offer, all because they are afraid of not doing well and many other examples we could give here.
How many opportunities have you missed in life, by allowing fear to take over? How often have you retreated instead of advancing?
The fear comes, you feed it and it turns into a huge monster, that paralyzes you and won't let you act, blocks you. And so you live apprehensive, afraid, terrified.

I know it appears, who has never felt fear in any situation or in taking a step further? But one thing is for you to bow to fear, and quite another for you to face it, reject it and use your faith to take hold of God's blessings. Or do you think well overcome fear by allowing it to dominate?

See the meaning of fear, according to the dictionary:
1.  Disturbance resulting from a real or perceived danger or the presence of some strange or dangerous thing; fear, fright, terror
2. Apprehension
3. Afraid of offending, causing harm, being unpleasant.

Friends do not let yourselves be overcome by fear, but let your faith be stronger than your fear.

Fear makes you miss what you're supposed to win.

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. " Isaiah 41:10

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Stay in faith


Anonymous said...

thanks Madam it's true i have this experience somtimes to my life and now i've just work to be a winner without fear.

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