Thursday, 21 May 2015

When she arrived

Hello darlings, how are you?

Let us be more active in the blog so that I may get to know each one of you better, this is a challenge; do you accept it?
You cannot miss out on reading it, I'll be sharing my life story, as a sister, mother, and daughter!!!
Some posts ago, I said I would share a little of my story with my sister, which is more like a daughter to me remember?
Well, our younger sister, Ana Filipa Rubim, she was also adopted, we’ll split into parts so that you understand how it all happened. She came to our family at 3 months of age and today she is twenty years old.

When she came to us, both my sister Tania and me were still single, and I have had the key role in this story, how so?

One day we went to church, like so many other days, and I came across the story of a young girl, her mother, with no conditions, either materially or emotionally, she had gone to church invited by someone, her life completely destroyed and abandoned by the father of her children. She had Ana and another girl, they were about a year apart in age.
She went seeking material help, as she needed to meet the needs of those two children. I saw the condition of that mother and a baby so small and defenseless; I asked if she wanted me to take the girl to give her a hot bath, buy milk, and some clothes. She immediately accepted! But inside me, I did not see it only as some help, my eyes could see a lot more for that tiny little life. I admit I fell in love from the first day I saw her!
I let my mother know and asked for her consent, of course I was a minor at the time, only 17 and already dating at the time who is now my husband of 20 years.
When we got home with the baby we thought how our father would react!

Well we took care of her and went to sleep, the next day we would see... In the morning when my father entered the room as he always did to give us a kiss, not only did he see me and my sister Tania, but a baby girl, who he also loved from the very first moment, telling my father all of her situation, my father embraced her cause and promised to help  in anything within his reach, but up to that point, we never  thought she would stay, but God had a plan for her life, and this plan included us.
Then she was getting comfortable, the one who came to stay only one day, began staying for weeks, months, and then our struggle begun...

She was previously being nursed by another woman, and since we brought her home we stopped taking her there, for we ourselves took care of her - but this woman did not accept it, and made a war together with the baby’s father that she wanted the girl to go back there by force. 

We were afraid to lose her, so we started to give in to some of their demands, but woman  was very far from where we lived, and the girl had wake up get very early in the morning unnecessarily. This was when we called her father to explain the situation in which the girl was and the unnecessarily sacrifice she was put through, thank God he accepted we stopped taking her there.

What a delight it was to take care of her every day, it was so pleasant, how we loved that girl as if she had always existed in our family.
But it did not end there, because the nurse had a daughter in France that could not have children, and she was doing everything to get the girl, but whatever God prepares for you cannot go wrong.
Finally, after many long months, she gave up on the idea of pursuing us...

The baby had never found anything strange, she seemed to have grown with us, and she was so loved by all of us.

And everything was going well, it was like one day she went to sleep with nothing, and the other day she received everything that she didn’t have.
It was easy for her to adapt, I think because she came at only three months of age.
Adoption is not only a beautiful act of helping a needy child, it goes much further, it is an attitude of courage and love, because we need to be ready for anything.

In the course of the story, you'll understand where I'm getting at, sometimes I made mistakes trying to get it right...

To be continued…

Leave your comment here, and as you follow my life story I'm sure you will identify with many things, as mother, daughter, or even as a sister!

Kisses sweeties.

Catia Rubim 


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