Monday, 23 March 2015

When am I fleshly towards myself?

Hello friends! Continuing the subject of last week, today we will speak about when we are fleshly towards ourselves.
Previously we have talked about the importance of knowing ourselves, knowing our qualities, but we also need to be aware of our weaknesses so that we can be vigilant and not allow them to overpower us.
If I asked you now, who are you, define who you are, would you know the answer?
If you can’t is because you do not know yourself very well yet, so I leave this little task for you to look deep within, for that makes us stronger and prepared against the devil's schemes.

But then when are we fleshly towards ourselves?

Think now:
- What are your thoughts about yourself - many think they are worthless, inferior to others, that they are stupid, cannot do anything right, think they are ugly, incapable, a leading zero… As you see, they are overflowing with negative thoughts about themselves, and that is fleshly and not pleasing to God, because that is not what He thinks of you.

- What do you say about yourself - in addition to thinking, they only speak negatively about themselves. They are always exposing their weaknesses and putting themselves down, even saying things like: "I am so stupid"; "I deserve this, I do everything wrong"; "I will never have a boyfriend, I am ugly" and so on.

- The way you see yourself - this is a result of what you think and speak about yourself, that's how you see yourself, your thoughts and words show the way you look, it is often a look of contempt, judgment, criticism and disaffection, this needs to change.

All you know you should not do to others you do it against yourself and think that it is OK because it is you. But it is not OK, that just makes you fleshly.
This shows that your relationship with yourself is not doing well and it will also reflect on your relationship with the people around you, because if you're not good with yourself, how can you be well with others?

Everything comes in an order, being right with yourself depends on you being right with God; and being well with the others depends on those two.

Next Monday we will talk about when we are fleshly in marriage or dating.

And you, have you been fleshly towards yourself?


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