Friday, 20 March 2015

Do not compare your best with the best of others

Several times I've heard people compare themselves with others in what they do for God. It is as if they thought someone else would do better than they, not appreciating what they did, thinking they are not capable enough or that they never do anything well.

But if you have done your absolute best and put your all into it, why think that other would do better?
Never compare your best to the best of anyone else because God accepts the best each one has to offer, do not compare your best with mine, for example.
Although in human eyes your best could be "superior" to mine, God will not find mine to be any lesser, after all, it is the best of me.

So do not be thinking that your work is lower, useless, not comparable to your friend’s that is more able than you, or that someone else would do much better job.

These thoughts are negative, they  prevent you from doing more for God and paralyze your faith, impeding you from taking action.

If you have been giving your best in all you do, there is no reason to look at anyone. If God gave something in your hands, do it without fear, and without thinking that God chose wrong because someone else could do it much better. Thinking  this way would be as if you were despising God's choice.

Do not forget that comparisons are not healthy and do not lead anywhere. Do your best in that which God has appointed you for according to your ability.


amanda said...

Dear Big Sister

Thank you for sharing this powerful advice I have been undermining my offering to God thinking that others do better than me
But I have now learned a lot from this post

Thank you

Naomie Bitshilualua said...

This post was very strong

Naomie Bitshilualua said...

This post was very strong

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