Sunday, 15 March 2015

When am I fleshly with God?

As we read this question, the first answer that usually comes to our mind would be, the person is fleshly towards God when they do not obey His word and live in sin.
Yes, that's entirely true, but what if I tell you that even if the person is obeying the word of God and not living in sin, yet they can still be fleshly in their relationship with God?

I will list some examples of how we can be fleshly with God:

1)   When a person is religious, that is, they read the bible, go to the church, only to "fulfill" their Christian obligations. But their prayer is cold and without expression. It is that hurried prayer, no fervor, no surrender. The Bible reading is only to know the word or saying that you have read, but they not meditated, did not understand, did not let God speak to her. All it does is by religiosity, something mechanical, there is no manifestation of faith, there is no purpose.

2)   When we do not put God in the place that is due to Him, which is the first in our lives.

3) When we are only Martha and not Mary. There is a Martha and Mary within us, the part of us that wants to do a lot, organize, work hard, that is Martha, our flesh, and the other part that calls us to the feet of Jesus, that is Mary, our spirit. The problem is that for many, Martha is always in evidence, it is the one that always stands out while Maria is a no show. I mean, there is a very large imbalance, the person only thinks about doing many things and does not separate a time to seek God, have their fellowship with Him. This makes us flesh before God because we forget the "good part".

Although what she does is related to the work of God, if she does not have her moment with God, she is being fleshly in their relationship with Him.
It does not mean that we will not fulfill our obligations, but we cannot forget or neglect the most important, it is our time with God.

To be spiritual is to be balanced.

4) When we use our emotions rather than acting our faith, that is, we are guided by what our eyes see, the circumstances and do not use the intelligent faith. This makes us fleshly before God and weak before the devil.

5) When we surrender to the pain, the sadness, the negative thoughts, giving total space to the devil and showing total lack of trust in God.

As you see all these things make us fleshly in our relationship with God and if we are not vigilant, they can be part of our lives and keep us away from God.
Leave your comment and tell us if you have been fleshly before God and was not aware of it.

Next week I will speak on when we are being fleshly towards ourselves.


Estella Arroyo said...

I went through all of this on what you said Mrs. Rubim, I wasn't vigilant nor wasn't spiritual.
I was very fleshly, very cold in faith, I knew how bad was I didn't have strength to use my faith I was very dead spiritual. I was fleshly to God in sin and when I wasn't in sin. But I decided to fix myself before God and live in communion with him, to fight and to be vigilant more. Thank you Tania for sharing! :) -in faith

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