Thursday, 26 March 2015

I am very overloaded - 2

Hello dear readers, I have been reading your comments one by one, and I am very happy to share your experiences, as they add in my life!

Well as I promised I will continue on this subject, I saw that many of you have been feeling overwhelmed,but after reading it and put into practice, we will be truly free!!

Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established. Proverbs 16: 3

 As I said in the previous post,we  often feel burdened by carrying burdens that we are not supposed to, and often feel burdened by doing things that we did not have to.

We also learned we must delegate, for example there are people who do not like to delegate anything, they want to keep all of their responsibilities alone, some to show that they can do it all, and others because they think that only they are able to do things well. There may be several reasons, then such people feel unnecessarily burdened, of course we will not go around to delegating responsibilities to just about anyone, but that's where our trust in him comes in, that He  will send people to whom we can delegate some of our tasks.

As I shared with you previously, many years ago I was worn out from carrying something that was not mine to carry. A great deal of my joy and energy were consumed by work and obligations that were not meant
 for me.

How I wish I had learned to wait on the Lord then!!!
How many things I would have avoided, but there is always time because one of the many virtues of our beloved God is that He is merciful and always gives us the chance of a different start.

 And when we want to do everything ourselves, we can even be stealing the blessing of another person.
 Our priority should be to prioritize God, and when it really happens all that matters is to be! Doing is a consequence,so do not feel overwhelmed or have a hard time delegating. We have a great example in the Word,
Martha and Mary. Marta was too busy doing for God, while Mary just wanted to be with Him.
It's like those people who always say yes, who are involved in all sorts of projects do, they do a lot, but leave the intimacy with God to be desired, they always appear in the "kitchen" but spend very little time in the "living room".

Make no mistake about your serving, the things we do don't reveal our life with God, instead, they often are used to fill the void of the lack of intimacy with God.
 Do not get exhausted with chores, just be !!
 It's the same thing for those of you who are mothers and meet the needs of your child, you do" all that is required from you  as a mother, but you have no quality time with your child, do not invest in the relationship, do not have intimacy, don't ask how was his day, don't say how much you love him, are not sensitive to hear - sometimes is all he needs. Cuddling, kissing, that is, creating a relationship and not only meeting
requirements, and when we do this becomes something spontaneous natural and very pleasant. First we are then we give what is in us with all our love and commitment, when we learn and practice it, serving will never be a burden but a pleasure as it is within us !!!

 The Bible makes it clear that God created us to have a relationship with Him. Our Father wants to give us abundant life, and that we have His divine nature.
 What does God want? It's really very simple.  He wants all of you. I am sure that now you feel free of any charge, and you understand where it came from, doing but not being.
 If you relate to it or have any experiences of these last two posts leave here your comment, I am sure that those who put into practice will no longer be the same!
Catia Rubim


Yinka said...

For me this is really true I have been spending so much time investing in my education but not giving enough time to God, so I need to make sure that I try and find a balance so I can be like mary who chose the good part.

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