Sunday, 23 February 2014

Friendship - Part 2

Today I would like to highlight two types of friends, one who seeks her interest and the one that has its limits, of course, it’s clear that both are not sincere and unwanted by anyone.
The first is the one that always has second intentions, meaning that while the person can get something from you she is there, when they see that you have nothing more to offer she simply departs and seeks another friend who can give her what she is looking for or what might favor her.
These are the ones that normally want to be friends with who is influential or occupies a prominent position.
This person is not a true friend and consequently also fails to make true friendships, for she is only there to take and not to give, it’s a selfish and interested friendship.
Disinterested friendships are real, pure and sincere; we should be this type of friend and seek the same for our lives.
The second is the type of friendship that gives only half of her, she has her limits, while you do everything she likes and do not spoil her plans, everything is fine, oh and even more, you must agree with her at all times, because she does not accept your sincerity. On the other hand, if something happens beyond your expectations she is the first to criticize and judge, showing that she is not a true friend.
She wants all of you, but she does not correspond the same way, she is the type of bloodsucker, that when you think you can count on her, where is she?
How do you react to this situation?  It is important to have your conscience clear that you were sincere, if the person does not respond in the same manner; she proved that she is not a true friend, so we move on, ultimately, why would we want such a friendship?
Who is spiritual seeks for spiritual friends that add to her life, who is flesh joins who has the same condition, in the end they understand themselves pretty well, ones ear likes to hear what comes out of the mouth of the other; flesh joins flesh.
Let’s be sincere friends.


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