Friday, 21 February 2014

What is dry shampoo?

Hello Dears! How are you?
Do you know what dry shampoo is?
For those who are unfamiliar with it, it is a spray that comes in a bottle similar to hairspray. You apply at the root and after a few seconds comb out the strands. The shampoo absorbs the oil from the hair and gives a little extra volume making the hair more flexible. This product is good for washing your hair without water. It is ideal for last-minute commitments or even for those who exercise and avoid washing their hair every day. Of course it does not substitute washing your hair, right girls? Washing your hair is the only way to be well cleaned and remove all debris.

How to use?
Ideally you will divide the hair in sections so that you can apply the product at the root. Spray at about 20 to 30 inches away from the hair. Repeat throughout the hair, and wait a few minutes for the strands to absorb the product then brush your hair. Don’t be alarmed if some hair is white, after brushing the hair it goes back to normal.

This product is a temporary solution, especially in these situations:
·      For a last minute commitment
·      For those who go to the gym and don’t want to wash their hair every day.
·      For those who have oily roots and want to go another day without washing their hair.
·      For those who straighten their hair with a blow dryer or straight iron and want to prolong the effect, going another day without washing their hair.
·      For those who have flat hair, apply at the root and this will help to add volume.

However, dry shampoo tends to dry out the hair with frequent use, so do not exaggerate and use every day.

Kellen Lima


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