Monday, 24 February 2014

How to beat the devil's voice?

Hello my dears. Is everything all right? I have full certainty that all is, because we are women of God who live by faith, isn’t it so? Today I want to share with you how I overcome the doubts and negative words of the devil.
I am a pastor's wife and a bishop’s daughter, but that does not stop the devil from attacking me. What he wants the most is to destroy us, and since he can’t touch us, he uses his repugnant voice to confuse us by placing doubt in our hearts and if he manages to place that doubt, he wins the battle.  However, he’s reprehended in the name of Jesus!
The devil attacks us, but we have the power to overcome him. How then do I maintain my faith, reject the voice of the devil and not let him talk to me? My secret is: I think and analyze the thoughts that run through my mind. How? Let me give you an example: When I go through any kind of situation, the devil blows, " you see? You are not of God, your not okay, who are you? You don’t have the Holy Spirit, there is someone else much better than you, that is why she was blessed and you weren’t." Okay, what to do in such cases? I begin to oppose every thought, "I am of God and I'm in good standing with God! I know who I am and I know of my encounter with God! If someone else was blessed it is because God knows of all things and He alone knows what she did to receive the blessing, if it was through an injustice, God knows of it as well and I do not care, my blessing will come too! "
I use my reasoning and intelligent faith. At the same time I start to pray, to worship, to sing to God and ask Him to prepare me, because nothing and no one takes away from me the certainty of victory. I fill my thoughts with the things of God and I doubt the doubt. I question the negative thoughts. From who does that thought come from? Could it be that God is pleased with such thought? Where did it come from? Ummmm. No, that doesn’t sound like the voice of God! This thought is REPREHENDED! Jesus rebuked the devil's voice when he suggested that Jesus should transform the stone into bread while in the wilderness, isn’t it true? That is the secret!

Friends, if we do not fight off such thoughts on the spot, it creates roots and what was simple gradually turns into a big problem for you, hasn’t it happened to you? So beloved, begin to doubt the doubt. Question yourself and your thoughts. Be more analytical, and not sentimental because when we are emotional we allow that voice to take over our heart. The devil knows that we are more inclined to our emotions; therefore, he uses situations that involve our feelings to make us vulnerable and easily overcome us. Friends, lets show the devil with how many poles a canoe is made and show God who is in control of our lives and that we will no longer give ears to the voice of the devil. Resist, praise, worship God, and occupy your thoughts all day with the things of God. This way your communion with God will strengthen, and with each passing day it will be stronger! Remember, doubt the doubt, and do not believe in any of them, okay? Do not accept anything that is negative and places you below the devil! Lift your head and continue walking your path, there is still much to do. Do not let the devil stop you, and if he is trying to stop you it is because you are walking, or might even running! Well my friends’ lets keep going forward because God is with us. This week I will be fasting in favor of those who are facing a struggle; you are all welcomed to join me. Let help those who are in need.

God bless you abundantly.

Juliana Furucho


Anonymous said...

I have been in church for almost 5 years and have done absolutely nothing, I haven't received the Holy Spirit, I haven't grown spiritually, as a mater of fact, things that I never did when I was a part of this world, I started doing them when I started coming to church and these things have pulled me more down so I wouldn't grow, but just recently, I decided that enough is enough and that its all or nothing, my life has to change, its a tough battle but with Gods strength I am getting there, and one thing that has been really attacking me is doubts, I didn't know how to get rid of them and many times I couldn't stand them anymore that I have been several times so close to giving it all up, but after meditating on this, it has given me the answer to what I should do instead of just easily giving in... thank you and may God bless you..

May Fe Ann Mestidio said...

Amen Mrs. Thank you. <3

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