Monday, 17 February 2014


As you can imagine, over the years you get to know several people, but the question is: “All of them deserve to be our friends?”
Unfortunately, there are people who have never had an encounter with God, and that means that these people are flesh and many times give a bad testimony.
How many times we have heard of people, who died in the faith and even returned to the world again? “Oh, I hang out with the wrong people and got contaminated, when I realized I was already bad.”
And who said to get together with who wasn’t good for your faith? 
Not good for my faith, not good for me. If it will put my salvation at risk, then I don’t want it.
The problem is that many do not take care of their salvation, to take care of their faith; they believe that by joining fleshly people they do not run a risk; that they can stay with them and never be contaminated. Or they think that they will help them and as it turns out the corrupted one corrupts the one that is good.
Friends, open your eyes, if you hang out with that type of people, you will be like them, and it’s a fact.
Why I never got contaminate? Did I ever meet people who were ill or were spiritually flesh? Sure, but I did not hang out with them.
Why Because I’m better or superior? No, but because I have an obligation to keep my faith, to shield my salvation and that is above any friendship.
So what to do in these cases; despise the person and that it?
It’s not about despising the person, you will alert her, greet her, talk to her when you see her, but you will not hand out with her, that person cannot be part of your group of friends, because she is not good for your spiritual life, on the opposite she will contaminate you and make you think like her.
If the person just likes to criticize or speak badly about half of the world, judge without mercy, she does not suit you. If she sees everything with malice and bad eyes, run, I remember that passage, the eyes are the lamp of the body, if your eyes are bad; your whole body will be in darkness.
Suddenly you’re thinking: “Ah, Tania, you do not need to be so radical.” Those that got contaminated also thought that way and look where they are now, in the road of bitterness.
Friends, when it comes to our salvation there are no half terms we must be radical, we cannot take chances. Do not forget that the devil will do everything to try to steal our salvation and will use those that are close, since we barely see those that are far, and we don’t even know them
Let’s stay vigilant!
Do you know how to choose your friends?
I will continue with this topic next Monday.



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