Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Behavior of a pastor’s girlfriend – 1

I decided to extend this issue in three articles, to better show the possibilities and today I will start with my story.
For those who do not know me I will tell you a bit so you can understand.
When I came to the UCKG was already Joaquim’s girlfriend. After a while, I learned the importance of having someone by my side that practiced the same faith, and I began to speak about Jesus to him. At first he did not understand very well, but finally accepted my invitation and went with me to church. Time passed and I always talked about the things of God, because I had more time on the road of faith, I also did many purposes for him to accept the Lord Jesus. He was given himself and understanding the things of God and eventually got converted, and then we became assistants together.
If you wish you can read my love story with details, Part 1 Part 2
In the church, the couple should be as discreet as possible, no physical contact, hugging or kissing. People go to church to seek God and hear the word of God, so it is not the place for that. There is a time and place for everything; you have to respect the house of God. It would not be nice for people to come to church and see couples kissing in the halls of the church or even at the meetings. Proper behavior shows respect for God and for the people of the church. That’s how I acted as Joaquim’s girlfriend; people did not even know we were dating, only people who knew us closer. And not even to exchange glances during the meeting, we were there to seek God and that’s what we did.
The first day we kissed inside of the church was our wedding day, after placing the rings, on top of the altar.
Dating was at home with our family nearby and our free time was devoted to the work of God.
Plus I always prayed for God to use him and for him to be a great tool in the hands of God, and our vision was the Altar. My pleasure was to see him serve, in the end I had fought for that. We never left our obligations with the work of God to go out together; I do not mean by this that we did not have time to be together.
God was always first and so He honored us, we got married as assistants and only after three months married we were called to serve on the altar.
We belong to it even without being there.
Note: Next week we’ll have another story, of a pastor’s wife that as an assistant, met the pastor of the church and dated, as is the case for most of you.


ms guni,england said...

Thank you for the tips, this sounds like common sense. I was brought up conservative, but for the holy spirit to inspire coverage of this top it means the church has lost way.

Here in Europe it is common to see people just make out anyway in public.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mrs Tania this is very interesting, I can't wait to learn more...kisses

Lihle Naphakade-Cape Town S.A

Sindiswa Qwalana said...

Thank for sharing about the self respect and self value of a pastor's girlfriend behavior it is a lesson to take and put into practice, i admire your self respect due to the work of God and putting God first, thank you Mrs Tania.

Tasia Ceasar said...

Wow that's beautiful

Tasia Ceasar said...

Wow that's beautiful

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