Thursday, 11 November 2010

My love story (part 2):

I continued praying, and he went opening his heart, understanding the Word of God and I too began to grow spiritually.
I began to evangelize, even though he didn’t accompany me, I was baptized with the Holy Spirit and then raised as an assistant.
Now I had to dedicate myself to my calling. But, how? Should I stay in the church all day on Sunday or separate my afternoons to go out with him?
This was never a doubt for me, I never put Joaquim before the work of God, I never missed a meeting for him or set aside my obligations as an assistant to spend time with him. After all he was my boyfriend, not my husband and I wanted to see him as an assistant too.
I would spend the entire day in the church and he would tell me that he’d wait for me and rest, but he couldn’t because the Holy Spirit began to demand more from him and he always ended up going out with the group to evangelize.
His walk in the faith began to grow, after a few months Joaquim was baptized with the Holy Spirit, now my miracle was complete.
He later was raised as an assistant and God began to use him in extraordinary ways.
We were assistants together, we got married on July 8th 1995 and three months later we were called to serve God on the altar. We have been married for 15 years and we have served God for 15 years on the altar.
All the sacrifices, and decisions that I took during those times have finally been honored,
because God is faithful, just and true, he always honors us when place him where he should be: first place.
Note: I will publish a series of articles about the love life, they will be real testimonies, and it will be called “When God chooses your other half” Each one will have a piece of advice to help you.
First advice: Never put your love life or your boyfriend before God, don’t forget that without God nothing can be blessed. Don’t accept a “good” person; want a person of God by your side.


Anonymous said...

thank you for this message very strong and I will be looking forward to the seres about to come.

Blanca said...

I love your story, Ill be waiting to read more... Kisses!

Tania said...

What a sweet story and great advice. It's God before anything and everything, no matter what and no matter who. God is a jealous God and He likes to be in First Place - He will make sure to bless us that way.

Raquel said...

Mrs. Tania

Your story is beautiful and is helping us who are still single, thank you. I wil be sure to put this advice into practice, after all if i want a man of God i have to put God first.

Anonymous said...

amen!am learning a lot from this blog! so addictive glad i found it at the right time .

Lots of love
united kingdom

NorahTyinaKatumba said...

Wow! Such a Beautiful Story,
'because God is faithful, just and true'
you got you Man of God by your Side, and i believe God is using you both in amazing ways!
ALL Because you put God First!! xx

Karen Nunez said...

This is a true and admiring story to read!! With all the sacrifice and all God at the end Honored!! What a blessing!!
I know God will bless me, one day!!

Karen (Hialeah)

Jhestine Ebron said...

wow.. Thank you for this Mrs. Tania..

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