Sunday, 18 August 2013

Behavior of a pastor’s girlfriend – 2

Hello friends, like I promised here’s the story of my friend Sara Oliveira, which will tell us how she used to act while she was dating the pastor.
“When I arrived at the UCKG, my husband was already a pastor of the church, been delivered, had an encounter with God, received my baptism with the Holy Spirit, I was raised as an assistant of the church, and from that moment my heart wanted the altar of God. The love for the souls, and to speak of salvation was more important than anything in my life, and even with all my goals, or problems I faced, everything was insignificant compared to the pleasure of serving the people of  God’s.
It was then that God blessed me with my husband! I a simple assistant dating a man of God, a Pastor!
To date a pastor is not the same as dating a person in the world; I can say this dating is more a spiritual, as well as the fight of a pastor to live in holiness so must be dating holy, set apart from ordinary and current courtships from the world.
On the day that the pastor blessed our engagement on the altar of God before all the people of the church, I could see that from that moment, the testimony of my behavior was not only mine, but was attached to a man of God who the whole church watched and respected.
In the rush and bustle of the daily work of the work of God we barely dated, and the few times did our meeting point was Pizza Hut, where we shared a pizza and talked.  We were never alone, we were always in public places, with family or surrounded by people, we always respected each other, not giving vent to the flesh. Our conversations were more than declarations of love, and we tried to open up as much as possible, we always ended on the spiritual side though, to win souls, and how we could be more used by God.
While I was dating my husband I could see how much he cared about the testimony he was giving to the people, not only within the church but also outside, and it was easy for me to understand because I did not want to embarrass the name of the Lord Jesus.
Inside the church, I loved working in the meetings he did, always respecting his position as pastor, when I referred him to the people it was not Mauricio this and that, it was Pastor Mauricio, I never felt more than the other assistants because I was dating a pastor, on the contrary I wanted to be an example for them, because in the future they would see me as a pastor’s wife. As much as the whole church knew I was engaged to a pastor, I always knew how to put myself in my position as an assistant, respected my fiancé as a pastor, and did my work in the church, serving God’s people, never stopped doing my obligations with the work of God because I was engaged to a pastor, on the contrary I wanted to be more used, because serving God was over my dating.
The first time I kissed my husband in the church in front of all the people was 20 years ago on my wedding day, to which I gave my life on the altar of God, and since that day I have the privilege of serving God alongside of a man of God who I love and admire.”
Obs: next Tuesday, I’ll bring up another story about long distance relationship, be ready!!


ms guni,england said...


dorah molelekwa said...

amen Mrs Tania and Mrs Sara it is a blessing whatvyoubhave given us ..the is time for everything Ecclesiastes 3.1.. also we must put GOD first before dating..our behavior can say a lot about us and the church is holy we must be holy as well...thank you Mrs Tania with your testimony

Sindiswa Qwalana said...

value of ourselves is very important, the man who sees this self value in a women of God does all he has to win her over as his wife, kissing fir the first time on the day of wedding it really shows self value, thank you for sharing with us Mrs.

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