Wednesday, 10 November 2010

My love story:

When I came to the church I was already dating Joaquim, everything was new to me, including the Word of God, I had never read anything from the bible. With time I understood the importance of having a person by my side that shared my same faith, I had finally found my way, but how to include him? I was 16 years old and in love, Joaquim was respectful, he wasn’t immature like the rest of the guys my age, he was understanding, he didn’t stop me from going to church but he didn’t go with me, apparently there was no reason why we shouldn’t stay together, but now I didn’t just want a good person by my side, I wanted a Man of God and that he was not.
I was in front of a complicated situation and I decided to take the challenge, I didn’t want to loose him, but I couldn’t accept that he didn’t know my God.
I was taking my first steps, learning how to use my faith, my first fast I did when I came to the church was for the conversion of Joaquim, so that he’d go to church and give himself to God.
I remember it was 15 days of fasting with this purpose that also were accompanied by actions.
We would always write each other love letters, like all couples do, but now what I wrote wasn’t the same as before. Every time I would write to him I would talk to him about Jesus, about my faith, about everything I was learning and at the end I would always end by writing a bible verse. I got to the point of singing him hymns that I had learned in the church, I wanted him to see how wonderful everything was, and look that my voice is anything but good.
Later, the miracle began to occur, he finally gave in and came to church with me and I was fascinated, but everything wasn’t as easy as pie. Joaquim didn’t accept some things, he didn’t understand about the baptism in water, tithe, God now had to work in him, I couldn’t do anything else.


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