Monday, 14 March 2016

Series Strong Woman 14 – Do not take it personal

We cannot control people’s thoughts and actions, just our reactions towards them. Giving so much importance to what is thought or said about you, can harm you. Remember that what others say or think of you, do not project or define your own reality.
I do not mean that we must not listen to positive advice (even though sometimes it hurts) from the people who love us and want the best for us; we’re talking about taking everything personal, thinking in a negative way. Sometimes the person has good intention of helping but you think the opposite.
Taking things personal gives the others power that they should not have.
·                For instance, if someone makes a comment, you already think that the person said it because she wants to attack or target you. This will make you be defensive and even can get angry with the person who wasn’t thinking about you when she made that comment.

·                To not take it personal also means to not hurt yourself with what others say. This can help you to not react in a negative way immediately.

·                If something happens, you can think that you are responsible in any way because, even though indirectly, you always get involved in those situations; and this is not intelligent. Sometimes people have wrong attitudes because they decided it, you are not responsible for it and you couldn’t have avoid it.

Taking everything personal shows that you are an insecure person, sensitive and consequently that makes you weak. Notice that everything begins in your mind. When you learn to think in a different way, everything begins to change. Your vision opens, your attitudes change, you look at yourself in a different way and you become a strong woman inside.

Next Friday, we will have the last article of this series, do not miss it!


Anonymous said...

thank you Mrs. this was my life. taking everything personal. and i would sit days and mediate on what they did or said. clearly showed i was insecure. i am starting to change. my attitude: they can say and do what they want even if its true i dont care. this shows im in the process of being a strong women.

Anita Isioma Chukwuma said...

Thanks Mrs Tania. You have given me more hint on how to fight this, you know i spoke with a Pr wife one day about this because it was getting to much of me. i get angry and also sad or i feel inferior because of a word said about me and i will react towards this for days. with this tool i will practice and also comment when i totally overcome this ma'am. Thanks again.

Mary oluwatoyin Fajemilua said...

Thank for the message. I needed this.

Mary oluwatoyin Fajemilua said...

Thank for the message. I needed this.

Sindiswa Qwalana said...

Thank you fir sharing Mrs, we have to overcome our inner selves, and not be sensitive of everything, what comes on the mouth may either build nor destroy but we have to know how to discern and not be defensive of every word or anyone arround us, I agree that is a sign of an insecure woman, instead we should learn to be humble and discern from what us good or bad all the time, thank you.

ivona frans said...

I like this post very much Mrs Tania .This is really what i needed .I always take every comment personal even if the person wants to correct me .I think when we take everything personal increases our insecurities .I will put this in practice .

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