Friday, 18 March 2016

Series Strong Woman 15 – Use your faith and be persistent

We always think of a person who gives up easily to be considered weak, we can say that it is true. After all whoever gives up easily ends up not reaching anything because she doesn’t know how to persevere. You must chase your goals and not give up on them. Be focus and do not be distracted by obstacles that you are going to find on your path, negative answers or problems that intend to discourage you. Continue fighting and using your faith.

Many times, unexpected things happen to try to discourage you, so you have two options:
1.    Use your faith to overcome
2.   Prostrate yourself, get numb in front of the problem and surrender to that situation

Wondering “why does it always happen to me?” or “what is wrong with me”? Will not take you anywhere. These are negative voices that want you to give up, and make you fail.

Suddenly you begin to use your faith, but because you don’t see the results right away you end up looking back; at this point enters perseverance. Our faith has to be constant and not unstable, or dependent on the circumstances. In other words if everything is running smoothly, I have faith, but if things start to go wrong then my faith doesn’t exist anymore.

Sometimes, what your physical eyes see are only difficulties, but the eyes of faith give you the capacity to see the answer, the solution. Nobody is strong if not living by faith, for faith makes us overcome, conquer, and move forward. The faith that gives us assurance makes us strong, that’s why the Word of God says:

“Knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” James 1:3-4.

Do you want to be a strong woman? Practice what we thought during these series. By the way, what was the post that helped you most and why?
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Mrs Tania for sharing. My eyes will be on a target from now. I can't give up easily. My enemy the devil is taking every little chance I give in too. No more. Enough is enough!
Busisiwe Tshabalala
UCKG Dobsonville Soweto

Anonymous said...

hello Mrs. all the posts have help me so much. my thank yous will make a sheet full. that how i appreciate this posts. yes, we must use intelligent faith/ supernatural faith and not emotional faith.

Sindiswa Qwalana said...

Faith is everything! God gave us a powerful tool, to use within us and act upon it, without faith we are domed to fail at just about anything, without God we are useless, faith brings quick results when we use it wisely putting God in front all the time!

Mmapitso Hellen said...

Thank you for the posts,they are a blessing in my life. They all helped me because I learn through them to value and invest in myself.
Hard but not impossible.
In this year of excellence I am fighting to be the best for God,getting out of my comfort zone and fighting to be what God has called me to be.
Thank you so much, by the end of this year I believe I will have a great testimony.

Yolanda Angelina said...

Thank You Mrs Tania. Honestly As Someone Who Would See The Negative In A Situation And Be Doubtful, I Realised That I Was Being A Barrier To Myself. Its Not The Situation Thats The Problem But Me, My Mindset. So Now I Will Be More Positive, And Also Use My Faith To Achieve My Goals. God + My Faith = GREAT Results!!

Ashley Pierre said...

This was the best word I could hear at the moment. It is not easy to walk by Faith, but God promised to never leave our side.

Natalie Cerda said...

Hi Mra Tania ,
Reading this I understand that the simple fact of fighting and not accepting to give up already shows that your strong enough to do it ! This point is so strong to me because if we are strong enough them why should we think of ourselves any less stronger ? ! But, this has helped me . Thank you !

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