Sunday, 13 March 2016

Series Strong Woman 13- Be Secure and Value Yourself

I receive various emails of women who feel insecure of themselves and because of this they do not value themselves. Many even think that they deserve all the bad things that
happen to them. They are women that base their life on the lack of “luck”, in what they don’t have, in the opportunities they didn’t have, and so they think they are worthless. So they think they are poor things, worthy of pity; that they were born to suffer and have no chance of happiness of any kind. My friend if you do not value yourself, and you are unable to find your value, you will always be weak:
·      You will be a slave to other’s opinions
·      You will allow other people, even your husband or boyfriend, to treat you bad.
·      You feel inferior than other women who think they do have value
·      You will feel inadequate and ugly
·      You will always focus on your faults and stop seeing your qualities and abilities
·      You will feel incapable to realize anything.
·      You allow people to say negative things to you and you’ll accept them as if they’re true, ending up feeling sad and depressed
All this is simply because you are an insecure woman who doesn't value herself. I know very well what that is because when I was a teenager I was very insecure, mainly when it came in relation to my appearance. Either because I was very skinny, I had a lot of hair or because my eyes were enormous. They never said “whys” and this built up a mountain of negative things, such as the lack of self-love, shyness, complexes, embarrassment, and low self-esteem. You can observe that when a person doesn't love and value herself for who she is on the inside, she becomes a slave of negative feelings, she stops taking action, and she lives hiding herself to not be seeing. For example, I hated to be the center of attention, since I didn't like myself I did not want people to look at me. Being unseen was all that I wanted. All of these are interior problems that need to be solved. Many times a person thinks that she only has value if she has money, education, a husband, the perfect body, the job of her dreams, and a lot of friends. So does it mean that if you don’t have any of this, you’re not worth anything? A thousand times no!
So how do we solve this matter? Through your faith and determination. When you change the way you see yourself. When you realize that you are worth more than what have. When you begin to love and respect yourself as you do with others, then your problem will be solved. And never again you will let anyone mistreat you. Never again will you believe in negative words directed to you. Never again will you see yourself with bad eyes. Never again will you value more what's on the outside than the person that you are. Never again will you hate to have been born a woman. Use your faith and remove all of these destructive things that have been destroying your mind and your interior; then you will become a strong woman.
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Lezaundray Goagoses said...

Indeed, being weak is a choice...when I look down on myself and entertain negativity about myself I will always be weak, but when I change the way I look at and see myself, when I take the decision to value myself then I will be strong. Thank you Mrs Tania, this has helped me:))))

Mary oluwatoyin Fajemilua said...

That's true. Changing your mindset. Changes your life.

Sindiswa Qwalana said...

The way we see ourselves depends on how we perceive our mindset because if our mindset is positive then we will see positively but if we have a negative mindset we perceive our appearance as not perfect or even feeling inferior. It is a very helpful blog to open our mindset and change the way we see ourselves and focus on the positive side of improving and growing ourselves to be women of value!

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