Sunday, 8 November 2015

Benefits of Nutrition & Training

Food and training are allies for muscle development. We need to seek sources of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Here are a few suggestions: 

·      Red meat: look for lean cuts.
·      Chicken (without skin): There is several ways to eat chicken just a little creativity can do the trick. Chicken can be grilled, roasted, baked or stewed.
·      Cottage Cheese: Contains a protein that is digested slowly, and also contains vitamin B12 and Calcium. I suggest you buy a low or non-fat. Tip: you can add fruits or nuts.
·      Eggs: They contain amino acids, vitamin D, and other nutrients. * They are not harmful to health; there are new studies that clarify this.
·       Tuna or fish: They are low in fat, rich in omega 3. This helps the metabolism.
·      Oats: Are a good source of carbohydrate, and also have a low glycemic index. It is high in fiber and for this reason increases satiety.
·      Whole Grains: Well as the name says it all, these are nutrients that have not been refined, and are in their complete form, so they support higher levels of energy. Such as brown rice, whole grains collaborate with far loss and promote muscle growth.
·      Fruits and vegetables: They contain anti-oxidants,  they support the immune system, and are rich in vitamins and fiber. The banana is ideal for its contribution of potassium, fiber, natural sugars and carbohydrates low glycemic index, which prevent premature fatigue. Vegetables help eliminate substances that our body does not need.
·      Healthy fats: They are magical help remove accumulated fat. They can be found in salmon, nuts, and oils such as flaxseed, avocado or coconut.

Cecilia Fernandes


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