Sunday, 22 November 2015

Autumn,Winter - Tips to avoid a cold or flu

If you’re in the northern hemisphere its fall and winter is around the corner! Hot chocolate, tea, scarfs and warm socks all come to my mind. One thing that may also come along is the cold virus, but here are a few things to reduce catching one.  If you have a cold already, you can give yourself a boost and get through it much quicker. So here the Checklist:

1.     Wash your hands as often as possible.
2.     Do avoid touching your nose, eyes, and mouth.
3.     Get plenty of sleep.
4.     Exercise a few days a week, and make sure you sweat will you’re at it.
5.     Lemon and ginger tea sweetened with raw honey.
6.     Make fresh juices with fruits and veggies.
7.     Take a multivitamin (with zinc and vitamin D)
8.     Keep well hydrated, it’s very common to forget to drink water.
9.     Take hot baths with lavender oils or Epsom salts.  
10. Make homemade soups.
11. Disinfect your cell phone, tablets, and keyboards.
12. Balance stress.
13. Dress appropriately; avoid feeling cold.
14.  Do not breathe in what someone just breathed out.
15. Last but not least you Oregano oil. Try diluting 3-6 drops in water.

Do you have a special remedy? Than share your comments below…

Cecilia Fernandes


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