Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Experiences of the Altar - Facing a health problem


Hello, my name is Erica and I have been doing the Work of God in the US for many years.

I would like to share with you an experience I went through even though serving on the altar, as I'm sure many other wives have gone through the same, and many of you who have the desire to serve God may also pass.

As all know, we who decided to live to serve God, live a life of self denial and sacrifices, we live by faith.

Our desire is only to serve God, wherever and however, we have no life of our own, our dreams become dreams of God, the problems of those who are entrusted into our hands become ours too. Not only we strive to attain the promised land, but to take others as well, in other words, our responsibility becomes greater.

But with all this, still serve God will always be a privilege. But how to react when you are in the faith, and suddenly there is a problem that is not of anyone else, this is just your problem?

This can be a family problem, a loss, a problem in your marriage, a health problem, how to react in such situations?

That’s right, my friends, it happened to me not long ago. It went from one day felling a little pain on my right side, and in less than a month afterwards there I was on an operating table, living an experience I had never lived before.

I was used to pray for the sick and when I looked over and saw myself in that situation I had to fight all my feelings, against doubt, against fear and etc ...

But in all of this one thing was paramount in that moment, "Faith," and I had to use it for myself, I could not depend on anyone else, it was a personal struggle, it was the time to practice everything I taught the people who I advised.

I remember I made the following prayer:

My God, I do not accept being sick, sick because I know I cannot give 100% of me, so if You still want to use me then please restore my health.

And as I have purposed it happened, because the surgery was a success, the recovery was even better and today I enjoy full health, and best of all, I can continue to give my all to serve my God.

We can never forget that we will always be proven in what we preach, but the only goal of the Lord Jesus is to show everyone that we not only speak of his word, but mostly we live it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this experience Mrs Tania, this series of posts have really been helping me and I always look forward to reading and learning from them

Peta-Kay London,UK

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