Monday, 23 November 2015

Slave mind

Hello dear!
What good is it to get so many biblical teachings, words of faith and encouragement, if we follow prey to thoughts of the past, old ideas and conceptions that imprison us.
A slave mind is one that is subject, think you can’t, is indecisive, think there is no way out, the problem will dominate her life and there is no way to get rid of it.

Many people even knowing the faith and the word of God, follow with a slave mind, are slaves of feelings, negative thoughts, slaves of sin, fear, their way of being, slaves of suffering, evil and things that only bring them down.

Friend, you must be free from all this, how long you will be the victim of your flesh, of your past, of your thoughts.

That way you do not progress, does not grow spiritually and do not develop and all because of a slave mind.

You wonder nobody likes you, you cannot help anyone, that you will always be unhappy because life has been very unfair, that maybe it was better if you hadn’t been born because you find no meaning in your existence; you’re always thinking that you never get anything and so you do nothing to achieve it. There are so many limitations that you impose on yourself that seems to be a dead-end tunnel.

I think it's time to react, overcome yourself and enjoy the freedom that God gives you. What is the point in living stuck in the past if you can write a new history.
At this point you say: But who will believe me? My history of life is so depressing and bleak, I am a poor woman!
Be freed of these kind of thoughts, God believes in you, He knows all your past, but He does not mind, is not focused on that, He is focused on how to do what you always dreamed of, in aiding you and taking you to a higher level of everything you've ever known, you just need to believe and use your faith.

Believe me, it need not be this way, not everything is gray, God will bring light and color to your life and when He does you can see that all was not lost, that there is another side, forget everything and start a new life with the one who can make this possible, the Lord Jesus.

Change your mind, change your life.

"Therefore I am no longer a slave, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ" Galatians 4:7


esther Kabasiita said...

" The man is dead you don't have to believe in everything that he said". These were words that i said to my sister today as she told me some negative things that my late father said about her.

I simply told her to fight and become a better person. i would make sense for her to be enslaved by the words that some one who is already dead said about her.

thank you mrs Tania for this message

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