Thursday, 1 October 2015

What does it mean to surrender in body, soul and spirit?

Many people ask that question, they don’t know how to do it. What does it mean to surrender yourself to God completely, body, soul and spirit? Surrendering yourself without reserves, with sincerity, this includes undressing the old garments, sacrifice.
Lets take a look:
*Surrendering yourself in body, means denying your will and physical desires, everything that your flesh asks for that is against Gods will. You will no longer permit that your desires control you instead you will control them.
*Surrendering yourself in soul, this is to fight against your emotions and feelings. When doubt, weaknesses, insecurities come at you, you no longer live by the circumstances, but by faith.
*Surrendering yourself in spirit is when you surrender all your being, your dreams, your past, your will, your future, your secrets and everything without holding back.
The result will be the certainty that God will be with you. This new birth gives you the opportunity to start a new life, without worrying about your past and who you were. If you conquer this everything else will just add on, but if you conquer everything else and don’t have God, you will never be complete and fulfilled, in reality you will be lacking everything.

What do you need in order to surrender yourself completely?


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