Friday, 2 October 2015

Experiences of the Altar- I allowed myself to be deluded and deceived

“Hello, my name is Jessica and I will share a little bit of my life experience with you. I started coming to church at a very young age, and I was quite immature. I began to notice a young man in the church and have feelings for him, but that was not mutual.

In my eyes he was the ideal person for me, I created a lot of expectations towards this person, imagining things that did not exist. From that moment on, my eyes and my ears were shut towards the will of God. I lived by my feelings. I was deluded and deceived. My friends would warn me that he was not for me, but I preferred to live by what my heart would tell me. I would nurture that feeling to the point of not accepting anyone’s advice. I would go to church, I would participate in the campaigns, make purposes for that person, fighting for him, but God was always showing me that this feeling was not from Him. Even so, I was stubborn and did not want to accept it.

Until one day, the deception came. I did not understand why things did not happen how I had planned, since I had done so many purposes so I could be with him. I found myself angry and very sad.

A few days passed by with that anguish inside of me and I prayed asking God to remove the “love” that I had for that person from inside me, so I could stop suffering. God at that moment spoke with me that I needed to have patience, that He was preparing the best for me. After that prayer, I threw away that evil feeling in the sea of oblivion. I began to dedicate all of my strength to win souls.

I was raised as an assistant and a after a few years I met a man of God, who happened to be a pastor, and we began to pray. God blessed us, we dated, got engaged and got married. He was my first and only boyfriend.

I have a wonderful husband and a blessed marriage; and we serve God together on the Altar.

With this experience I was able to understand that not everything that we ask God is according to His will. But everything that is His will; He fulfills.

I realize that what God had prepared for me was better than what I wanted to have, but the anxiety did not allow me to realize this. Many times we fight for something and we want it at all cost. But when we do not see the answer, we get upset with God.

But He, Himself says that “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

All we need to do is place our faith and trust in Him, knowing that He will bless us in due time, for God never fails.

    “For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.”
                                    Philippians 2.13


VisionofEcstacy said...

I love these! Keep going Ms.Tania

Tony Lebudi said...

Thank you for your testimony...i went through a similar situation as yours Jessica when i was still new in the church, i was deceived by the boyfriend that i had dumped when i surrendered to God, he eventually came to church and i thought he was serious with God, i did not want to date him before he was born again but i wasted my time trying to help him become strong in the faith while i myself still needed help. I thought God had brought him to church so that we can grow in the faith together and at the right time get married. God had spoken to me to be strong and patient and showed me he was not the right guy for me but i listened to my heart..thank God one day before it was too late i decided to listen to God and completely forget about him. Ever since then i got serious with God and i am now serving Him. Though i am still single i know He will provide the right person for me. What still remains is that i learnt to allow God's will to be done in my love life...we can make mistakes in many things but a mistake in our love life can cost us everything even our salvation.

ms guni,england said...

Love life is a big trap that the devil likes to use. It really can send you to hell if not very careful.

Sivuyisiwe Tshaka said...

Wow! Too strongly. I highly agree Mrs

Tshegofatso Malwale said...

Your test was turned into a testimony. Very strong.


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