Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Daughters who don’t know their priorities

Hello darlings, how are you? Let’s continue investing in our relationships, and the order should be as follows:



Work of God

Today, I am going to talk to you who are daughter (or son), but has been leaving a lot to be desired regarding your supposedly Christian behavior.

I would like to make clear that this message is not only for those whose mothers are not converted, it includes the converted moms too.

As I talk to mothers, I have been seeing a pattern of children that do not show a good testimony at all, but when a person does recognize their mistakes and is willing to fix it, it is no use trying to talk sense into them, isn’t it?

There is nothing better than we realizing our mistakes ourselves then go ahead and changing, it avoids a lot of annoyances.

So, in the church she is always willing to help and is very attentive, she does not say no to anything that comes into her hands to do.  She is always smiling. But at home, where she should give good testimony and voluntarily do the same as in the church, she does the opposite. She is completely disorganized, lazy, rude to people, she does not have initiative at all…. Well, this is a long list. Do you think you are going to draw your family to God acting like this?

If the family is already converted, some children think they do not need to give testimony anymore, in the end you do it because it is something you are in the first place. Or do you do it because it is something imposed on you? Everything that it is imposed does not bear fruit, because it is not something genuine that was born inside of us, but something we are forced to be. We may even do it, but it does not last because it is not something that was born from inside out.

So if you think that doing the work of God is spending the whole day in the church you are completely wrong, because the work of God begins inside of us and as consequence it is returned to those who surround us.

Be nice to your parents, help them, take the initiative in the house chores; ease your parents’ burden. After all, they put so much effort into raising you, they fight each day to give you a comfortable life. Invest on them and in your relationship and you shall see things becoming easier for both of you.

Do not forget that the first step is recognizing and then changing because every time we do so, the change happens for sure.

If this has helped you and you could relate to this type of daughter (or son) leave here your comments and what you are going to do to change that situation from today on. And you who are mother and you are going through this, leave your comments here to share it so we can all learn with your experiences.

Let’s make the most of this fast and analyse deeply our innermost? If we are humble to recognize, we are also ready to receive.

I want to read your comments, take the opportunity to write that change you are willing to do!!

Next week, we will carry on. Prepare yourself daughters (or sons).

Sweet kisses

Cátia Rubim


Symphonia said...

hi ms tania , i can really relate to this post alot!! i really don't understand i used to get rebuked alot for staying in church late because i would be cleaning or just sorting things out i kept on hearing the same words balance your time balance your time .. and Ms Tania i really did!!! i started spending more time with my family and i would study too .. revise once i finished i would come to church and again while im cleaning i will hear the same thing people shouting in my ear " go home " .. " i'll report you " .. " your not being wise " all the time and in my mind im thinking i've done everything i need to do at home cleaned , cooked studied spent time with my family what else is there to do ?

im really confused in what to do should i stop spending my free time in church or ignore what theyre saying please reply to my message :)

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