Wednesday, 3 June 2015

What to do?

 Hello darlings, we are back. Be sure to follow the last two posts from this series as they are a 
follow up and you may relate with many situations that I went through.
As I said in the last post, she grew up with insecurities, but at least without noticeable traumas. We always had the conscience to tell her the truth, but at the right time, in order for her to 
understand and not cause her pain, but this was not possible because her father started to 
demand she went to her biological mother in order to be acquainted with her sister, who is a 
year older than her.
The mother did not want anything to do with her, if it were up to her, she would never see the girl again. The father did not care about her either, they never helped with absolutely anything, but they liked to persecute us without considering the pain they were causing to their own 
In these weekend trips that we ourselves would take her and bring her back, she started to get 
very confused because the biological mother said she was her mother, and presented her father as such, then confusion settled in that little head, although she did not understand very well 
because she was too small to absorb everything, but in these times it seems that adults do not 
perceive the damage they can cause to children in order to feed their own ego. They are 
completely unaware of what is true love.
She began to not want to go to those visits, she always came back very upset, so in order to 
protect her, we started bringing her sister to our home, so those problems stopped, as she no 
longer had to be with her biological parents, who didn’t even live together.
A great insecurity took hold of her, which began to reflect in her actions, and in the process of 
going to school it got even worse because she came across her last name which was not the 
same as ours, and so the questions began along with the questioning, and how to explain it to 
such a small child? We had to get our help from our God and our faith, and have the certainty 
that He would get where we could not and do what was out of our reach.
Because of all that we became too protective of, which also didn’t do so well, but many times we make mistakes while trying to get it right isn’t it?
I will continue on that next week, there is still a lot coming up...
Leave your comments and share your experiences, because we can add a lot in the lives of one another!
Sweet kisses, until next week!

Catia Rubim


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