Wednesday, 10 June 2015

She was quite the opposite of what I dreamed of

Hello darlings, is everything alright? I hope so!
I am going to carry on with the post from last week and share with all of you a little bit of my own story, which it will end in a curious way…
As usual God, it started off with God in it also ends with God!!!
My sister was growing and I began dreaming that she would be an assistant as a teenager, filled with the Holy Spirit, well I kept feeding that inside of me, but as she was growing everything was quite the opposite of what I had dreamed of, and the dream turned into a nightmare and you are going to understand why!
From a sweet and peaceful girl, she turned into a rebellious girl, a troublemaker, insecure, with an inferiority complex, lippy, ungrateful, everything exactly the opposite way from what I expected from her. She still showed love for me and even accepted some pieces of advice but she hated our mother, a hatred that she began feeding inside of her since she found out she was adopted, weird reactions were seen in her, she did not accept that she was not her biological daughter. She opened a gap for the devil because of that feeling. She used to misbehave with my mother, she made our mother cry but our dear and sweet mother never lost love for her and nor even in the midst of such ingratitude and disdain, my mother never gave up on her.
But, how to deal with such ingratitude?  Only God can strengthen us and give us vision of never give up on her soul. It came to a point when many times I wanted to give up in the midst of such rebelliousness but I remembered all I had done for her, I had to persevere fo her soul. God had put her on my way and that gave me strength. I confess if I had not seen her as soul, I would probably have given up.
I went through though and embarrassing situations with her and there were times I did not know how to deal with her because she did not listen to anybody, she seemed the owner of the truth and even worse, little miss know it all.
At church she seemed alright and good mannered but at home she was the opposite, that was what irritated me the most. How could a person pretend something that she was not!!! I would rather she was like that everywhere but I never approved of her lack of character, a character of somebody who was convinced but far from being converted.
She needed to be delivered, but she did not accept anything anyone said. On Fridays, she attended at a different time from mine, and my mother said to me: Ana is not spiritually well, she trembles a lot on the Friday services.
But, there was a time when I could not attend in my usual schedule and I attended at the same time as my mother and her, at the time of the strong prayer I saw my sister on the Altar, she was manifested. Inside of me, a feeling of an even greater hatred for the devil grew. That picture even today is still in my mind. I had prayed on many manifested people before, but seeing my sister in that moment, if I already hated the devil I hated him even more and from that moment on, a huge indignation was born inside of me that I determined deep inside that the devil lost her soul. That soul had been bought for a high price by my God.
She still kept manifesting for some time, until she understood she had to change her attitudes and stop doing what displeased, to get disgusted by sin.
She wanted to change… but the demons that from her mother’s womb had a plan for her life, attacked even more, but God who put her on my way, had a plan for restoration even stronger.
She began accepting and taking her first steps but she did not surrender 100%, there was always a reserve.
I always prayed and used spiritual weapons and all our family: my sister Tania, my mother and our husbands joined me on this purpose.
I was fed up of seen her manifesting, being a slave to demons, I was angrier than her because of the situation. There was a Friday that I will never forget, she manifested in a strong way and God drove me to pray for her, I did not look at her as my sister but as soul that the devil had to release on that day to never come back.
It was faith, because feelings would not have worked out. I did not allow my feelings to be in control there, she would be free, I did not accept anything other than that.
We were there for a long time on the Altar, I rolled on the floor and the devil said that he would not release her because she was his and I said: you miserable, her life belongs to my God, and you will not stay any longer ruling her life, it is an order I command you, it is not a request or an option. She manifested and shouted loudly and she was thin but she had an enormous strength and because she rolled on the floor so much, she was left bleeding on her teeth. I was left with my uniform stained with blood and voiceless, that spiritual war lasted longer but I had the assurance she would get free!!
After her deliverance, she made a prayer of faith and surrender and she determined she would be free.
Since that day, she never manifested again, but the fight carried on, she got baptized in water and began giving her first steps…
Next week, I will continue, it is so strong what is yet to come!!!
Do not miss it, leave your comments and share it. Let’s win souls, that is our target.
Feel free to leave your suggestions, I read each of them, they bless my life.

Kind regards, see you there!
Catia Rubim


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