Sunday, 14 June 2015

Let’s cut back on sugar!

Let’s cut back on sugar! Many food items we eat already contain natural sugars. Simple carbs from chips, pretzels, to pasta, and white bread. Now consuming too much added sugar will lead off our metabolism. This will only make you gain weight, not to mention our bodies will lose sensitivity to insulin. Then our bodies will stop using sugar for energy, and will store it as FAT instead!
One important guideline the American Heart Association gives us is 100 calories of added sugar (about 6 teaspoons of sugar) a day. A few ways to cut back on added sugar:

   Avoid eating anything that contains High Corn Fructose     Syrup or Fruit Juice Concentrates.

   Eat more natural foods. Cut bacon and processed foods.

   Read your labels. Ingredient’s ending with -ose (dextrose, sucrose, lactose). Basically they mean the same thing.

Fact: The average American consumes about 152 pounds of sugar a year - 43 teaspoons a day.

Tip: Next time you got out to eat instead of a soda, lemonade, or flavored ice tea, try a simple glass of water”

Cecilia Fernandes


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