Monday, 8 June 2015

How to overcome evil?

How many are those who say, I cant overcome evil, Ive done everything!? Have they really? The word of God teaches us that we must overcome evil with good. However there are many people trying to overcome evil doing whats is evil. Is that possible? When we act like that we are always defeated by evil. Have you heard words like: revenge, shell pay me, I pay with the same currency? Well it all come from evil and it cannot overcome evil itself because what is evil is overcome by what is good. In other words darkness is overcome by light.
Besides, how can we overcome the devil working with him? Have you thought about it? You might say, It is stronger than me, I cannot control it, I get really angry that if I dont payback it seems like Ill explode. I feel like Im being weak and a loser letting people do me bad or treat me bad without reacting.

So I tell you that in reality youll being weak when you use the same tools as the bad. You are being a loser when you let yourself be used by your flesh and the proposal of the devil to do what pleases him; leaving behind the faith the fear of God.
Dear friends, do not be deceived, do not use emotion, and do not let your flesh take over you. Be rational and use your head. If you want to overcome evil use the spiritual tools that God has given you, not the flesh tools. We cannot overcome evil doing what is evil; that is the only way youll be free. Think about it.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12: 21


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