Monday, 15 June 2015

Do you have faith or hope?

I see many people mistake faith by hope. But then what is the difference between the two and which of these have we been using?

As we know faith is active, I cannot say I have faith and do not take action, be a passive person. Those who have faith believe and this conviction leads one to act, to take action act, to risk.

Hope, however, is totally passive, the person hopes to one day achieve something, but that does not mean they will actually do something about it, that is merely wait idly, hoping that one day God will remember her and everything will happen without then having to do anything.

But does that mean hope is a bad thing? Not at all, but it is not faith, and therefore, it cannot bring in any result.

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen." Hebrews 11

You can see in the verse that faith brings us the assurance of what we hope for, and without it, one cannot be sure. There may be hope, but not conviction.

Faith leads you to doing chains of prayer, purposes with God, praying at dawn, fasting, taking action, because they are sure that God will honor their attitude of faith.

Hope is a feeling, it does not move you to do anything, just hope that one day something will happen. Meanwhile, you will be suffering, stuck, and will not use your faith, as you are content to have hope, it's like dreaming that something will happen and feel comforted by this notion, but the Bible does not say that hope is assurance or conviction.
Being that hope does not guarantee you anything, but faith guarantees us the answer, the miracle, the realization of what we want.

Faith is sure, hope is an expectation. Faith is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, because we need him to have supernatural faith, hope everyone has, they do not need the Holy Spirit because it is not something supernatural.

For example, if the person is ill and hopes that one day they will improve, this is not something real, because every patient has hope of a cure, but if the person uses their faith to be healed, they it will achieve it immediately.

So darlings, we use our faith and overcome our limits, because whenever we reach our limit, the power of faith springs into action.

Stay in faith!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Mrs Tania for the message.
This was really a eye opener.

Andrea Campbell said...

Faith is the our tool to bring to us what is in our imagination (what we hope for) but we must have an active faith. We cannot just wait when we do our part then God will do what we cannot do. Thank you for this message Mrs. Tania.

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