Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Full of herself

All servants are aware that their lives are surrendered to their Lord and that they are subject to His will. In fact there are many who obey, but deep within, they are full of their own desires and are always dissatisfied for not agreeing with what God has determined for their lives.

It is something like this: "I'm here, but I really wanted to be there"; "I take care of this, but my desire is to take care of something else"; "I was told to do this, I did it, but I know my place is not doing it" for these people the work has become theirs and no longer God’s.

I don’t know if you understand the point I’m making. The person even does what they are supposed to, they obey what is asked, but inside they do not accept it, do not agree with it, and so they do not do it wholeheartedly, or do it as a means to eventually reaching their personal dream. 

In other words their intention is not to carry out the will of God, but deep down to reach their own, behind what is done there is always a will, their own desire, something they want to gain to feel accomplished.

It is not really to glorify God, but to carry out their own wishes, their dreams.

What is the use in saying, I want to to be in the center of God’s will, if in reality we don’t want to do His will but ours?

Think about it and see if you have had pleasure in submitting yourself to God’s will, or if you have done His will only by obligation, when in reality what you want is to do yours.

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May God bless you all!


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