Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I am always tired, frustrated and angry!

Have you noticed how difficult it is for human beings to acknowledge their errors and mistakes? Normally, we immediately find someone to blame and want to justify our wrong actions by the way people treat us; Oh, I acted like this because he did not give me attention; I am aggressive because she pushed me to my limit; I did it because I was provoked, I am not like that, etc.

Perhaps some of these phrases sound familiar to you. The bad news is that, while you are always excusing yourself for your bad conduct, or affirming that it is influenced by the bad conduct of others, you will never change.

The most common reactions are: denial, justify yourself, give a new interpretation to your actions, what in reality means that you have been leaning towards the flesh and is not able to name things for what they are. In other words, you are unable to name the mistake as mistake, the sin as sin, or failures as failures.

While you live this way, you are impeding God to be involved in your life. You are refusing to learn and grow with each experience.
For this reason you are always throwing punches in the air, not confronting your mistakes, not listening to the voice of God, not asking for direction, being impulsive, stubborn, and then you see your dreams fade away.

You feel anger, frustration, you’re tired, it seems that God is slow, that nothing is happening; and once you try to grab things with the strength of your arm, it becomes one more frustrating attempt.
The reality is that you do not surrender the command in God’s hand; you want to have control and you have been crashing.

Have you seen that you have not advanced; your plans don’t come out right and you have been acting in the flesh?
For this reason, you can see that everything comes out wrong, things are not flowing, everything is forced.
When you allow God to take control of your life, everything will flow naturally.

Think I have just told you the story of your life? Is this exactly what is happening? How have you reacted and who is taking control, you or Him?

Leave your comment and be sincere in your response. This will be the first step to acknowledge, name things by what they are, and at the same time, surrender the control of your life to God.

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Kisses to all!


Janeene Octaviano said...

Hi Mrs.Tania! I'm exactly that person you are talking about on your message. It was not easy! And it seems that God is not seeing all my sacrifices. Sometimes I'm loosing hope already. When someone rebuked me I give an excuse to defend myself but deep down I know I was wrong. God is showing me directions but I still insist cause it seems that I don't believe anymore. This life is so frustrating because I don't see results.

Teresa Bosepa Bosoka said...

Hello Mrs. Tanya I don't usually read your block but indeed I think your book is really good. I used to feel as you explain in this message until I took the decision of not being stubborn with God and let Him do in my life whatever He wants in order for to be more a woman of God. My oath has not been easy because to follow the voice and obey in this world we living to it is very hard. But I must recognised that the fact that I am not using the strength of my arms to get where I want its it's great. The fight is not easy but I know I am following what God want from me.

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