Friday, 22 May 2015

Make the most of your past, to win souls

There are some stories in the Bible that actually surprises us, we can read events and even think, “How is this going to end up?” And we marvel ourselves when we see how God uses His flawless plans, always with the aim to save and bless His people.

We can see for example, Moses’ story, brought up as an Egyptian prince in a palace, educated in a culture completely different from the Hebrews, but there was a purpose in all this storyline, God needed someone who came out among the Egyptians, who had access to their world, so that later on he could free Israel from slavery.
Esther’s story follows the same way, what did a Hebrew young lady do in a palace, married to a king from other race and culture? Here, there was a plan too, God would need a person who had access to the king and could intercede on behalf of His people.
And what about the apostle Paul? A persecutor of Christians, an educated person, who hanged up the intellectuals at that time, spoke the same language and lived like them. In this case, things did not happen in a different way, who would go for the gentiles?
God prepared Paul for that mission, thus they would listen to him, and he knew how to reach out them.
What about you and me, what can we say? The story repeats itself, all of us had a past, it does not matter what it was, but we can use it to help people who are in this world where we live.
Someone who was addicted knows how to help and reach out to these people, knows everything about that world. Someone who was ill knows what to do to become healed. Someone who had a broken marriage is able to guide couples who are going through the same situation, and the examples go on.

Now, you may say: “and what about me, who was born in the church and I do not have a past like these?”  Still, you had a past, maybe of complexes, emptiness, depression, alone in the world, use all of this to help people who are going through the same.

Does that mean we can only help in the areas where we used to suffer? Of course not, God qualifies us to help everyone, because the Holy Spirit is the One who does the work, but for sure we make an impact in the lives of those to whom we can say, I went through that and I overcame, what you are going through happened to me too and today I am free.

Reach out to those who not everyone would be able to, maybe because of the way you live, or you do not often go to certain places, or for having access to certain groups of people.

Let us do that?


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