Friday, 8 May 2015

Dating was my only thought

Mrs. Tania,
"I would like to tell my story so that you can help more female assistants who are going through the same situation. I was a dedicated assistant, always ready for anything, used to do everything to please my Lord, was filled with the Holy Spirit, lived a righteous life before God, was vigilant… I was really committed, you  know?
Until I diverted my focus from God to my love life, the devil knew my weakness and where he could knock me down, and at the first opportunity I gave he got into my head; I no longer read the Bible or prayed, dating was my only thought, being single was something that bothered me a lot.
I started dating then sin came along, and oh how bitter it was!
I felt so bad, the emptiness I’d been free from came back, accusations, sorrow, crying without explanation, but my pride would not let me seek help, so I did not confess and the devil got the best of  my life, I was ashamed of what people would think and their opinion about me, I was afraid of losing my uniform, even though I no longer wanted to wear it. I was afraid to work on deliverance services and being put to shame, the depression I had been freed from when I came to the church had returned, I spent some time like that.
A few weeks ago you posted here in the blog a message about sin and mentioned King David, talked about abandoning sin, starting over, that greatly moved me, God was speaking to me both in your blog and in the church itself.
The pastor spent the week preaching things like, "If you have a title do not be afraid of losing it, take care of your salvation, and that was for me, so I decided to give in God's hands and tell the pastor, I turned in my uniform and felt a weight coming off my back. I was free from the accusation and guilt, the pastor helped me to start over.
I am now freed from sin and the accusations, I am sealed and filled with God, my life has changed, I am a candidate again, but the best of everything is the certainty of salvation.
The reason why I am telling all that is to warn others, for I know that many assistants go through that, being attached to the title. However, no other title is more valuable than the title of  child of God, lie down and get to sleep, have a clear conscience, without charge, and know that the devil has no power over you, that God will always be with you to give you a second chance.
Hugs! "

I would like to thank the friend who sent us her story in order to help all.
Darlings, let us take care of our salvation, for it is more important and valuable than anything else.

Be warned!


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