Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Orphans of living parents

Hello dear friends, I have been reading your comments, let us keep sharing our experiences and questions. It is like I always say, those who write, memorize, so let us put it in practice.
You who have read the posts and say it is not for me because I am not a mother, but it applies to you! Because you are a daughter.
We see many women who have the desire to be mothers, there could be various reasons that have taken you to desire to be in this role of great responsibility. But, in the same way as many women want to get married but don’t really care to be wives, there are also many that want to have kids, but do not want to be mothers. Have you thought about the difference between both?
Many are the children that were born, yet they were not adopted out of love, and you can be certain that this will reflect in their future.  Taking care of our children is something tremendously marvelous, collaborating with their day-to-day life in all of the details. I love to do this, it is very tiring from a physical point of view, but it is very rewarding emotionally and most importantly, spiritually.
And to those of us that God places this responsibility, many are the mothers that are only delegating their own responsibilities. So, they give their children to their mothers, the grandmother, the college, and still, there are those that when they are going out on vacation which was supposed to be a time to take advantage to be with them, they decide to pay to leave them in a playground so in this way, they can play their hearts out.

I love when my son is present in everything. I only do not take him to same places where he cannot go, which thank God, is rare. I did not only conceive my son, but I adopted him in unconditional love, and it is like I said in the last post, love is not a feeling, because saying that you love, anyone can say it! Love is proved with actions, and this demands from us a lot of effort. Children do not need things to be happy, the only thing that they need, is the love of their parents, and the love between us, if they have this, you can be certain that your son is the happiest child of this world. They did not grow up with things, but they did with values and affection, which once exchanged for things, they will grow up treating you also like an object. Have you thought about this? However, in an unconscious way or not, it was you yourself who planted these values inside of them. We, as mothers, need to spend time with our children, and you say, I do spend time with them.

After all, you washed the clothes, provided the food, etc… Does it sound like spending quality time to you? I respond; this is your mission; spend time to listen to your son, being sensitive to their needs, not building a wall between you and your children. For the higher the wall is, the more difficult it will be to knock it down. Do not let the devil distract you with so many things, that you end up losing the best part. Our children will not be with us always, that is why we need to take advantage of every moment with them; time does not go back. Our role is to instruct, even if we do not see anything today, it will blossom!! Never forget one thing, you can even ask for prayer for your children, and you should, you can place them in the prayer book, and you should, but the prayer that will revolutionize the life of your children is from their Mother! It doesn’t matter the situation that your children will come to face, do not give up, the recipe is the prayer with knees on the ground. No matter how difficult it is, do not open hands, I myself was considered a lost  case, and my mother never gave up on me, she would always tell me I would be a great woman of God, I could not even hear those words, and look, today I am here sharing with all of you.

Love your children, perhaps this all that they are in need of. Every week I am going to be mentioning one type of mother, and like this, you will be able to reflect on which type of mother you most identify with. Leave you comment, share, and let’s make a difference as mothers. Sweet kisses.

Catia Rubim 


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