Sunday, 24 May 2015

A quick solution

How’s your posture been lately?
The way we carry ourselves say’s a lot about us. Many people slouch because they are under so much stress. Others might stoop because they want to fit in with the crowed, just because they think they are too tall.  Shy people get it the worst they tend to make themselves invisible by shortening every muscle that is possible. Ouch!  If we are relaxed, we have no need to be tight through out our body, remember this only leads us to poor posture. Let’s begin by relaxing. Breathing exercises are not a waste time, but an investment!

Step-1 Breathe through your nose, inhaling for 10 counts. (Yes, it is possible just do it slowly ”)
Step-2 Hold for five seconds.
Step 3- Release slowly, through the mouth, counting to at least 5 before totally exhaling
Step- 4 Focus on you breathing. Allow your mind to RELAX, and your thought to drift.
Step- 5 Repeat these steps 1-4 until you feel the muscles of your body RELAXED “)

Now you will be ready to face the world with our heads up high! So lets get into investing in our posture. Through out this week we will target this issue.

Cecilia Fernandes


Agnes Smith said...

Great this is very helpful for me!

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