Monday, 13 April 2015

When I am fleshly regarding friendships

Hello friends, we continue with the theme of being carnal in various areas of our lives, those who have been following the posts on Mondays have read the previous ones, which are also very important.

Today we will talk about being fleshly on friendships, let's see some examples:
- When you are a jealous friend, not allowing your friends to have other friends
- When you are possessive, you want to control the lives of your friends and do everything your way
- When you have friends who influence you to do evil, they are against your faith and your God
- When you agree with the wrong things your friends do, or take part in it.
- When you do wrong things just to please your friends, even knowing that what you are doing is displeasing to God
- When you are a selfish friend, just think of yourself and do not care about your friends
- When you give wrong advice, or to see she is making a mistake but you do not say anything

Next Monday we will talk about when people are fleshly in the church.
Leave your comment from this post today and feel free to add something in our shortlist.

Kisses to all!


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