Wednesday, 15 April 2015

I will be a mother! I need a manual

Hello darlings, how are you?? I hope everything is fine!!
How could already see we have news to Blog and God gave me this new challenge, I will share with you experiences lived by me, and I have a lot to share!!

When we plan to have a child, a lot comes to our mind isn't itt?
In face of responsibility ahead, many doubts and insecurities arise, after all, this is one of the most challenging tasks we have in our hands.
No child comes with an instruction manual and many parents make mistakes in this, for treating all children in the same way, when each being is unique, and this sensibility comes from us mothers.
The parenting is the same for all children because we rear them according to our principles, but we have to deal with each child according to their needs.
A mother has a key role in the character of their children, they know they can trust her, that they will always hear the truth, they need not resort to "friends" to vent because they know they will find a safe haven in the mother.
A mother has to gain the confidence of their children, while we love them unconditionally, it is not the same way with them, we need to win them over!
The contact is of paramount importance, cuddling, words of admiration... do not be afraid to expose your feelings after all, they are your children, and the bond created with them will never be forgotten.

And when a mother puts up barriers, the children grow to become like strangers.
For they have not invested, they did not create intimate ties ...
Plan and act differently and I'm sure you will reap different results.
And for you who did not have this opportunity to raise your children like that for whatever reason, never forget that the opportunity to change this picture is in your hands.
Repentance is not a sense of guilt, is a change of attitude.
When our children look to us and see a credible woman, someone who honors her word, they can't help but admire their mother.
There is no greater reference in the life of a child than his own mother, and for those who think that the father is the cornerstone of the house, or that the father is the key role is wrong, the very Word of God says: the wise woman builds up her house ...
Look at the responsibility we have in hand !!
We will continue on that next week...
Leave your comment below for this subject covers virtually all of us. For those who don't have children are still someone's child, is it not??
Sweet kisses!

Catia Rubim


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